Blood Raining Night

  Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni

Chapter One - The First Rainy Night



The sky was blue out. Reicheru had just opened her golden eyes to the morning like she has for the past 17 years of her life. She grogily rubbed her hands on her eyelids and rolled over. She was staring Denmark in the face or as she calls him "Denny."

"Denny-Kuuuun," she spoke softly like floating butterflies on the breeze "good morning. I've missed you in my sleep."

"I've missed you too." He took his hand and ran it down to the tip of her soft furry ear. Her ear twitched with delight! "I get worried about you sometimes, though."

"Really?" Her golden eyes lit up like a light in a lamp on a dark night.

"Yes of course!! You work for the Yakuza, how else am I suppose to feel?"

Her eyes gazed downward like as if trying to see something on the floor, "it's good to know there's actually someone who cares about my existence."

"I love you with all my heart, Rei-kun."

"Nya~! You do, I know you do. I love you, Denny-Kun." Reicheru purred. They kissed passionately like a woman and man that haven't seen each other for forty years but have loved each other all that time. She wanted to drink his blood, really really bad. But, she couldn't, for if she were to suck the life juices out of him, it would turn him into a demon-vampire. Of course, she would never let anything bad happen to him. He was the love of her life, and her only love.


Reicheru dressed in her outfit she wore to the Yakuza and got ready for work. She wore a white school-girls outfit that had long sleeves, a red ribbon around her neck, red trimming that went on her sleeves, a red skirt, her brown hair tied up in a red ribbon –red as blood, and a big gun. Her long brown hair with blue highlights in the middle swayed in the breeze so beautifully, she could almost kill someone with her looks.Her lipswere really red, but she didn't need lipstick.She expected she would have a tough assignment today.

Reicheru was out, prowling in the woods when she heard a certain cackling! It was a witch!!

"OOhhh," the witch said in a nasty voice, like you're eating something slimy, " I see there's a girl out to get me, and she thinks she's prettier than me, eh?"

"Well," Reicheru smiled, "you are old and ugly, and I'm assigned to kill you. This will be the last time you fight me!" Reicheru ran toward the hag, her breasts delecately bouncing in the wind. The witch took out a staff and tried to smite her, but fell short when Reicheru suddenly disappeared and re-appeared behind her. "I told you not to mess with me!" She said slitting the witche's throat open. She put her lips to the wrinkly neck and sucked on it, really really hard. The blood came pouring into her mouth like a waterfall of gore and violence.

She was going home after having killed the witch when she heard an unusual noise coming from the bushes.

He said, "I've come back for you."

Reicheru was astonished "father?!" she yelped. "You're supposed to be dead, why did you come back? Why did you have to come back." Tears of pain and darkness rolled down her eyes as her worst nightmare stepped towards her.

"I'm undefeatable, bitch. You had your chance years and years ago, but you failed. Now I'm back to get you."
"You don't want to fight me, father!" She drew out her long, bloody sword and looked at him in a cruel way.

"I haven't come to kill you right now, but some day. Beware." With that, he threw a smoke bomb at her and disappeared.


Chapter Two - Tears of Rain



Reicheru got home, it took a while for the impact of her father comming back to soke in. She was hot red with anger and sadness. She decided to train in the garden with her teacher Inuyasha. He wasn't full cat demon like Reicheru, he was also part dog demon. They both had fangs and sharp animal-like eyes. And in those eyes were a hint of love for Rei.

"Rei-Chan," he said, "I've been waiting a long time for you. How did the battle go?"

"My dead father...he is back!" Her face collapsed in her hands and she nearly cried.

"How can he be back? He's dead!"

"NO! He's BACK! I don't know what to do. Maybe I can get our master of the Yakuza to kill him." She had a tear roll down the side of her sad cheeks. Her and Inuyasha both work for the Yazuka and she thought he might be able to frame her dad.

"I don't know if that'd be allowed..." His ears twitched.

"Then I will have to kill him myself..." Her eyes turned red with madness, like blood on fire.

Inuyasha didn't want her to get hurt, he was worried. He couldn't tell her, though. Because he didn't want her to know his feelings for him.

"Please," he said, "dont' go! He'll KILL you!"

She looked at him bravely, "I'll be fine."

That night she went home. Denmark was sitting on the couch next to the fire. He was reading a book very intensely. "I see you're home, Rei-kun."

"Yeah, I'm home, Denny-kun." She sighed.

"I saw you talking to Inuyasha. I think you should get a different tutor, like Kagome or Germany. They're both so good with wars and fighting!"

"Why, are you jealous? You don't have to be, I swear. I'd never cheat on you, I love you."

Their eyes told each other that something was wrong, but they both ignored it. They decided to just go to bed instead of saying anything. The cuddled together- and did some other stuff- then they fell asleep. And as they slept, her dad was watching.


Chapter Three - The Rain Falls


She woke up all alone in a room she'd never seen before. It was pitch black and maniacal laugher could be heard from a distance. She could taste blood in her mouth; and she liked it. Her cat demon must have came out and attacked someone, she was scared and alone.
"Denny-Kun," she called out, "where are you? Are you here?"
She walked out of the room and down a long, narrow hallway. A feeling of guilt and cowardness overcame her. What had just happened? Did she really eat somebody? These were things she didn't want to think about. Her main focus was on finding a way out.

"I have captured you, Rei. There is no escape."

"Who are you?" She was angry. "Are you my father?"

"No..." said the voice mysteriously, "I am Sesshomaru. Inuyasha's brother. The vampire lord."

Reicheru gasped in terror. Sesshomaru had died- she could have sworn that he died! It was a long, long time ago. Inuyasha had gotten in a fight with Sesshomaru over the death of their mother and Inuyasha had stabbed him in the heart. That moment, he died and tumbled off the cliff into the abyss of the ocean. The only way he could come back is if he was a vampire, who had been bitten by someone. But who?

"Reicheru," he said, "I don't know why you protected my brother," his firey eyes flashed, "but you can't stand between me and him anymore. I must kill him. I have to kill him- for the sake of our mother!"

"He LOVED your mother! He couldn't help what happened! He was only a baby, why are you holding onto a grudge that you don't need to?"

"She always loved him. Father didn't care about me...he just didn't care. That doesn't matter! Anyway, it's time for you to be rid of!"

Then, out of nowhere, Inuyasha and Kagome flew out of the shadows and picked Reicheru up.

"Hey," she shouted, "I can take care of myself! I don't need you to help me."

"Yes, you do," Inuyasha looked at her, "I'm here to protect you..."

Her cheeks turned red and as she looked away she saw Kagome try to slash Sesshomaru in half.

"Damn," Kagome screamed, "he's too hard to defeat! What should I do?" Her skirt flew in the air.

Inuyasha joined the battle and all three of them went at it like rabbid dogs. Blood sprayed the room crimson. Reicheru licked the wall like a hungry devil, slurping up the mixture of their blood. Sesshomaru threw his arm out and slammed Kagome against the wall, knocking her out. He flew away with her into the night, and they weren't seen after that.

"Oh my god, Kagome!!" Inuyasha cried into the night. He howled in sorrow and remorse.

"It's okay Inu-Sama," Reicheru comforted him, "I'm sure she'll be fine."

"No, Rei, you don't understand. He is a lord of vampires- she's one of them now." He gently put his hand up to his teary eyes.

Their golden eyes met, "one of them? Like a vampire?"

"Yes, Rei."

Reicheru and Inuyasha went back to the village. Denmark was standing by himself at the market, eating a Danish. Reicheru departed from Inuyasha, wishing him luck, and then going to Denmark.

"Things aren't looking good, Denny-Kun." She sighed and fell into his arms.

"I missed you, so much, baby. I'm glad to see you back in one piece. When I woke up and found you gone, I was scared. I thought that your dad had gotten to you."

"No, no." Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him. "We have bigger problems on our hands, now. Sesshomaru the Vampire Lord is black. He wants to kill me for protecting Inuyasha."

"I don't want to protecting him," his golden hair blew in the wind, "I love you, Rei-Kun, but you spend too much time with your tutor. Please, I beg of you, forget about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, find someone new to teach you how to fight. Infact, I know the perfect tutor."

Chapter 4 - The Avatar of the Yakuza



"Huuuu-haa!" her black hair wiped around like a black wip. There was a feirce look of constetration on her face as fire and air came out of her hands.
Denmark took Reicheru over to her, "Rei-kun" he said, "meet Korra, your new tutor in learning the dark arts of air and fire bending."
"Konnichiwa! Watashinonamaeha Reicheru Ketsueki, sore wa anata ni aete ureshidesu!" Rei bowed, formally, her brown hair falling over like a silky waterfall.
"No, Rei-Kun, she CAN speak English."
"Oh, gomen-nasa- I mean- I'm sorry." Rei bowed again, "How are you, Korra?"
"I'm faaaaan-tastic!" She wizzed up in the air and shot flames out of her hands. "I am ready to make you the most lethal assassin! Besides me, of course."
'hmh' Rei thought to herself, I'm already lethal...
Korra touched Demark on the cheeck, "you know, maybe you should join, too...we need some sexy men around here."
"No, I think he's fine at home!" Reicheru snaped.
Anyway," Korra blinked her beautiful eyes, "I need to start training you! We could be best friends."
'hell no' Reicheru thought.

Catch, Reicheru!" Korra threw fire at her. Reicheru held out her hands and caught it, instantly freezing it with ice. "My, you are strong. Can you bend fire, too?"
"Of course I can!" Reicheru lit a candle in her hands. "You see, my farther was a demon. My mother was part cat. I have the demon blood in me, I can start fires."
"THAT'S SO AMAZING! You could be the next avatar." She cupped Rei's hands. "I can feel it within you."
"The power?" Reicheru looked puzzled and confused like a lost boy in the woods.
"No, but, nevermind that. It's tea-time!" Korra pranced off to fetch a tray of tea. 'What did she mean?' Reicheru thought.

In the tea room Korra spoke about herself. "You know" she said drinking some mint bubble-tea, "I have a secret, too."
"Oh, and what's that?" Reicheru looked at her curiously like a cat. Her ears twicthed.
"I'm part angel, really, I am. No one believes me, though." Korra sucked down a ball.
"You are? But you don't even have wings."
"Oh, but I do! I just keep them hidden so no one hunts me down and tries to rip them off. I can fly and I have the power to control light. I can't blood bend, though. Only demons can do that."
"I'm sure I can blood bend, then." Reicheru sucked on her bubble tea. There were sakura petals falling on them in the pink courtyard. It was a wonderful summer day. The breeze was just right and
the air spoke of love.
"I hear your half-sister is an angel, too. Yuki, right?"
"Uhhuh. I love Yuki! She is an angel. Loving and great with people. You can't find anyone better than her." Reicheru sipped a little more.
"I hear you're trying to kill your dad." Korra's voice sofened into silk.
"Yes, he is the most terrible man. I always feel like he watching me, even on the toilet." They both heartidly laughed. "You know, at first I didn't think we were going to be friends."

After training they went home. 'Man that Korra is loopy.' Reicheru thought. The sweat of the workout had soaked her clothes through, conforming to her body.
Her silouette looked like that of a nakid woman.
"I hear you've gotten a new tutur," Inuyasha stepped out of the shadows. He was caught offguard by her beauty. "Oh, my, you look lovely."
They both blushed, then she said "domo arigato gozaimashita, Inu-sama."
"I couldn't get them to kill your father. I didn't have the money." He marveled at her in passion.
"It's okay, I want to do it myself. He needs to die."
Inuyasha turned away, "why did Denmark do this to us? I wasn't doing anything wrong. I wish we could train together again. I-I-I"
"Did you just say...Rei-Kun?" Her ears perked up.
"Yes, I did," he said boldy, "I have feelings for you, feelings I've wanted to express since the day we met, all those years ago. You have captivated me in such a way no one has. Your beauty,
your intellegance, your passion, it's just amazing to me. We have so much  in common and- oh -I have said too much, haven't I?"
"Perhaps..." inside, she was smileing. "Anyway, any luck with retrieving your woman?"
"You mean Kagome? No, not yet. Thank you for reminding me. I better go plan that out." Inuyasha lepted into the air and disappeared into the sky.
"Goodbye..." Reicheru whispered. She put her hands on her stomach. 'The power within me...' she whispered.

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Inuyasha took out his big gargantuine dick and touched it. Like all wolves and creatures of the night, he needs loving.
The moon was full and he could feel his blood boil all over his boyd.
It was mating season, and he needed to find a female. The first girl that came to his mind was Reicheru.
He longed to touch her valumptuois body and kiss her on the neck. He thought about it all night until he finally went to her house.

"Hey, Reicheru," he whispered to her window, "I'm comming in."

"What," she said, "why? "

"You're the only woman I can ever love, and I need you right now. It's time for me to mate. Aooohhhhhh!" He howled. Then he came in,

"I can't do this, what about Denmark? We love each other very much." She looked into his sparking blue saphire ocean eyes. The lust covered her whole body.

"But I love you more," he nuzzled her neck with his nose and put his thing against her legs. "Let me do it!!"

She leaned black on the bed and let him into her. They were in love, and they started humping. They screatched and moaned, sending horrible
cat and dog noises to their neighbors. Finally, after a good three hours, they were done.

"That was amazing, Inuyasha." she breathed.

"Yes, it was." he smiled at her. Suddenly, Denmarker burst into the room.


"It's all my dad's fault," she cried, "I wouldn't have has sex with Inuyasha if he hadn't been so consoleing when my dad came back!"
Then she woke up. It had all been a dream. Or had it?

Distressed Reicheru went downstairs, almost crying. The memories of her father were terrible. After her mother died she had to live with her father- he was very mean to her! Ever since the day she thought he died, a little bit of life was brought back into her sole. Now that he was black, she didn't know what to do. It was like the darkest, evilest, worst cloud had come to rain down upon her and shatter her heart with torture.

"I've been waiting for you…" Denmark came out of nowhere. He was sitting on the couch with his legs propped up on the coffee table. "Do you miss me?" He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss.

"Oh, hi, Denny-Kun…" Reicheru looked away.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, I'm fine. Really."

"I can tell you're hiding something from me behind that beautiful smile of yours." It was like a heavenly light shone on her ass he kissed her forehead and said, "I love you. Now, tell me whats wrong?"

"My daddy- I mean- dad even terrorizes me in my sex dreams." She never called him dad before because when she last saw him she as young enough to call him daddy.

"That bastard," Denmark exclaimed, "If he ever messes with you again I will kill him."

"There's nothing you can do! Den-kun…there's nothing…you…can…do…" With that, Reicheru ran up into her own room with Denmark coming after her. She closed the door before he could get in.
On the nightstand there was a bottle of pills. They were the type of pills that made you "feel good" after taking them. "I said I wouldn't do this anymore, I quit!"  But the pills were there,
tempting her, all shiny and blue. She reached out and took one!

"No, stop it!" She threw the first pill on the floor.  She took a second one, and done the same. But the third one was evil- a pill made to make the addict want to take it. A member from the clan going against the Yakuza had snuck it into her bottle. She couldn't help herself and she took it.
"NO! Why? WHY?!" She started downing more pills! They were like terrible candy. She was supposed to feel better with every pill but she didn't- she just wanted more!  It was almost orgasmic!
Soon she found a knife. What to do with it? She thought about it and decided to play with it.

"I love kniiiives! Nyaaaaaa" She was tripping really hard. It seemed to her that the knife wanted to be dug into her flesh. She longed to see and drink the blood. Slowly, she stabbed her shoulder and then moved down to her arm. The blood flowed like a waterfall of pain and bliss. Her tongue touched the red waterfall and she drank it- it tasted as refreshing as a lemonade Capri-Sun.  It seemed flowing and endless. Her body grew pale and her eyes turned red with excitement! She was going insane!!! She could imagine all her problems disappearing into her mouth, being washed away with her blood. Her father wouldn't hurt her anymore, no one ever would. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her blood dripped all over her face.
"Are you okay?? REI-KUN! Open this door!!! I love you, don't hurt yourself!! Not anymore!!" I was too late, gallons of blood was lost from her body and she passed out on the floor, everything stained red. It was hours before Denmark broke open the door and found the bleeding Reicheru. She was badly hurt.



Chapter 6 - The Power Withing


Reicheru woke up in the hospital bed after having cut herself alot. There was bandages on her arms and legs. Her brown and turquoise hair was sweaty and messy.
She was wearing her sleep clothes: a red and black top with black pants that had antique writings on them that meant something in demonic tounge.
The sheets were soaked with blood and pain, she couldn't remember what happened the night before. She just remembers hating her father.

"Wheres Denny-Kun?~Nya! I need my Denny-Kun!" she rolled over in the hospital gurney, scared and alone. Denmark must have fallen alseep somewhere in the lobby.
"Damnit," she hissed, "now I'm all alone, and in pain."

"Fear not, dear," Yuki came floating down from the ceiling on angle wings, "I am hear for you."

"Oh, half-sister Yuki! I've missed you so much! How have you been?" Reicheru asked.

"I've been alright, dear, but, I am more worried about you? Do you remember what happened?" Yuki smoothed out Rei's hair.

"I remember nothing but being scared and thinking about my father. And Inuyasha- I had a wonderful dream that we were having sex in my mouse on my bed."
Reicheru remembered everything that night, but, she didn't remember everything she had thought she remembered it.
"I cut myself because I was thinking about my father."

"No," said Yuki, "you cut yourself because you had sex with Inuyasha, it wasn't a dream. Denmark came in and started yelling at you, then you took those pills and they made you forget everything that really happened."

"OH, GOD NO! Poor Denny-Kun, he must be scared. What ever will I do, Yuki?" They held hands and Reicheru cried into Yuki's arm.
At that moment Inuyasha came into the hospital room to check on Reicheru he was holding flowers.

"I hope you're okay Rei-Kun. After last night. Are you okay?" he wanted to hold her so bad but he didn't cause he thought it wouldn't be right.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I got us in trouble, I should've said no. But you needed me."

"Reicheru I don't know what I would do without you. You're the only woman I can love."

"NO, SHE IS MINE." Denmark busted into the room with bigger, better flowers. "You rat, devil! I hope Sesshomaru kills you and sucks your blood dry!"

"Just because I actually CARE about her?" Inuyasha crossed his arms in displeasure. Their eyes met and it was like suffocating ice. Everyone in the room could feel the tension between the two.

"No, because I love her! She loved me first and she shall love me last!" He threw the flowers at Reicheru, "You need to pick, between me and Inuyasha. Who do you love?"
They both stormed out of the room like thunder and lighting brothers that were fighting.

"They don't get it, I love both of them but my heart can only contain one man in my life." She looked at Yuki, teary-eyed.

"Don't worry Rei-chan, everything will be all right. You are the most brightest and strongest person I know. No one can bring you down, Rei."

"I think I need to take a drink, Yuki. Give me some saki please."

"I cant do that Rei." Yuki took the saki away from her.

"Why not? My life is very stressful!" She pouted and crossed her arms.

"Hun, there's something that you need to know," Yuki put her hand on Rei's stomach, "you are carrying Inuyasha's child."

"I'm...the mother of his child??"



Chapter 7 - The Rain Calls

It was the day of the baby shower, and everything was perfect. Yuki, Inuyasha, Kikiyo, Joken, and Korra surrounded Reicheru with presents.
"Thank you for comming everyone, I'm so happy you're here, especially you, Inuyasha." Reicheru smiled.

"Yes, I had ot fight my emotions but I felt like I needed to come, even though you've only been a little bit pregnant for a few days."
DING DONG, the doorbell rang and Inuyasha answered it. It was Rin and Shippo, they were 18 and in love with each other. Rin wore
a red-rose dress and Shippo wore her cute yellow dress. Every since Sesshomaru turned evil Rin decided she'd rather be in love with a girl than him
so she started dating Shippo.
"Oh look, its Rin and Shippo!" Inuyasha hugged them, "how's my favorite neace?"

"Great, uncle Inu-Sama!" Shippo jumped into his arms and he twirled her around. "Hello, Rei! You look so lovely, even though your pregnant."

"I feel a bit like a mess and Demmark didn't come because he's still angry." Reicheru sighed.

"I can still feel the power within you" Korra rubbed Rei's belly, "this baby is growing stonger every day and I want to be it's godmother."

"Of course you can be it's godmother, next to Yuki, of course. It suits you guys cause your both angles."

In the meanwhile...

Sesshomaru laughed wickedly, "those stupid people," he said, "they don't know what's going to hit them. I have them wrapped around my little fingers and they'll with they weren't."
He had Kagome strapped to a pole with her mouth tied up and wearing nothing but bandage wraps. She was bleeding furiously and nonstop, he had sunken his teet into her and
drank out part of her life. She wondered when she'd ever get any help, Inuyasha had been so busy with Reicheru she thought that he didn't care about her anymore.
"You stupid bitch," Sesshomaru snikeres, "you can't get away and no one gives a crap about you. No one will save you."

"You just wait-" she cried "-Inuyasha will come and save me, INUYASHAAAAA!"

Back at the party...

Reicheru was opening gifts for her baby, she was opening the gift from Shippo and Rin. "Oh, tank you," she said, "it's a heart-shaped necklace with a picture holder in it."

"Yes, and you get one, too. You can put pictures of your baby in it once it's born."

'It's so sad', Reicheru thought, 'my mother never gave me a necklace like this when I was a baby.'
"I think I know what to name the baby," Reicheru said, "I'll name it Tenshikuzu, which means Angel Dust in Japanese. It's inspired by her two godmothers."

"Ohhh thank youuuu!" Korra clapped her hands together and hugged Reicheru.

"Oh yes, thank you." Yuki smiled, her beautiful smile like fresh new snow. Suddenly Sesshomaru burst through the window and kidnapped Yuki.

"Noooo!" Screamed Reicheru, "you will never hurt me again, you will have to fight me." She picked up a knife and threw it at Sesshomaru, barely scraping his cheeck.

"KILL ALL OF THEM!" Suddenly the room went black and everyone screamed in terror. Black mist surrounded them all and a terrible creature started slaughtering people.
When the mist went away the only person that was dead was Joken. His eyes were closed and blood was oozing from fang marks on his neck.

"One of Sesshomaru's minons must have don't this." Rin picked up Joken's lifeless body and cradled it.

"Korra, why didn't you protect us?!?!" Reicheru shook her like a raggedy doll.

"I don't know what happened!" Korra cried, "everything was all out of my controll, I'm sorry I coudln't portect you and your half-sister."

"You're an angel, Korra, you're suppose to protect people. You just havent found your strength yet. Unless you were wrong?"

"No," Korra stood up, "I AM an angle! I'm not crazy! That's right, everyone, now you know my secret, I am PART ANGLE!"
Everyone except Reicheru gasped. "I can control light and I can cure people of disease, but I can't blood-bend. Reicheru has that gift, though."

Reicheru cupped her hand over her mouth, "you're right I can can't I?" She boldy stood up and went to Joken's body.
She concentrated her enegery on the blood on the floor and bended it back into his body, bringing him back to life. "I didn't know I could do this." she said.

"It's your gift," Korra explained, "you can bring the dead back to life. No one else can do that, it's very rare and prized.

"I know what I must do" Reicheru stood up, "I can bring Kagome back to being normal. I am am part vampire with blood-bending powers, I can reverse the curse."

Inuyasha looked up at her, "I must go too for you and the baby."

"Alright then," she smiled at him with her golden cat eyes, "I knew I could count on you."

Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Angles


Inuyasha and Reicheru were taking the train to the place where Sesshomaru was hiding. Shippo and Rin were cuddling on the backsheat like hormeonal teenagers.
The tracks on the train screached on the metal train tracks. It was a dark powerful day. The clouds loomed with the hint of everlasting doom and hate.
There was a sharp pain in Reicheru's lushious chest "something doesn't feel right," she said, "I can feel darkness inside the soul of one of us."

"Don't be silly, Rei-Kun. Nobody here is going to hurt us we're all okay so don't worry I love you, that's all you need." Inuyashsa put his muscular, sexy arm around Reicheru.

"Thank you for being here Inuyasha-Kun. The baby needs his daddy around and you're his daddy. Don't leave us okay? Nya~" She grapped him on his waist. She felt so close to the earth.
The train stopped and the people started screaming in terror! Blood sprayed onto the seats and Rin.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!!?" she screamed. "Who the HELL is doing this?!!" Gunshots was heard at the end of the train and slowly moving up to where the group was.

"GAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!" Alucard blew at Reicheru but she slapped it out of her way.

"Your not the only Demon here, Alucard." Reicheru stood up and glared him down.

"Your beauty will not stop me from killing you. I have personal orders from Sesshomaru to do away with your ass." He held up a double barrel gun at her face.

"Oh fuck you!" She screamed, "I'll kill you in an instant. Nya-on!"

"Don't do it, you're gregnant!" Inuyasha held her tight as if he were to never let go of her again. "You can't die! Let me do it." He got on his knees and howeled into the air.
"My sister is going to come and she will gonna kick your ass!" he howeled again until the blood streamed from his eyes. The skys grew grey and the stars sparkled.
She came riding on a white wolf and hoped into the train with her short brown hair. It was Princess Monokoke (her english name is Mary Laceheart.)

"Brother, you called?" she ran over to Inuyasha.

"Yes Mary, you must kill this man- ALUCARD. He's trying to kill us all, especially Reicheru who's pregnant with my baby."

"I'll never let that happen." She took out a spear and her wolf snareled. "Human, you will die."

"No, don't kill him!" Reicheru put herself between the two. "I don't want him to die."

"Why not??" Mary snaped.

"Because he's my cousin! We're both vampire-demons. We have the same mother."

"Awww, trying to be nice to your older cousin? A little bit of family niceness?  How stupid! I'm going to blow your sorry asshole." Alucard cursed and hissed.

"We don't have to do this, Alu-chan. Just because you work for Sesshomaru doesn't mean you have to kill me. You used to love me. You used to love Yuki, too! Where is she!?"

"I don't care for our family relations anymore, and Yuki is all fucked up and asleep. I did her alot, and now she's into much pain to fight."" he smiled.

"NOT SO FAST!!" Yuki suddenly came bursting through the window and jumped kicked him with Mary. "You asshole! You don't have sex very well, anyway. But thanks for the ride."
She used her angle wings to slap him off the cliff the train was riding next to. It was very bad ass. Mary Laceheart giggled with delight. Yuki flipped her white hair and smiled.

"Oh, I love to see them scream!" Mary smiled.
On the floor, Reicheru was feasting on the dead bodies. She was sucking the blood out of them, enough for two. Being pregnant makes her very hungry all the time.

"The baby needs to feed." Rei said. "Damn my cousin, he should've never tried to mess with me.
"Reicheru, we've got a problem!" Yuki sounded scarred. "It's Korra! She's not who we think she is."

"Oh no, that's definately Korra. She can bend fire, water, earth, air, and light."

"No no no no, that's not what I mean. Korra is working with Sesshomaru. She's under his control! She tortured me!"

Reicheru got mad. "No she wouldn't do that! "

"She's the one that kidnapped me, Rei-kun! She's the one that killed Joken. We need to get rid of her!" she looked beautiful as she cried tears of sorrow.

"KORRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Reicheru screamed.



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Chapter 9 - Heavy Rain of Love


Sesshomaru and Korra were having a ball. They were drinking wine and looking into each other's eyes. They were deepley in love and Korra was his dirty bitch mistress.
She was wearing a tight leather outfit with her breasts peeking out of it. Her hair was tied back and she spoke in a deep voice. She was picking grapes off of a grave vine and feeding it to him.

"What would you like, master." she smiled at him and kissed him on his dick and he howeled with delight. "I am here to serve you and give you anything you want."

"I want you to open your silky mocha thighs, bitch." he whipped her.

"Yes master," she said and opened her legs. He was about to stick it in her when she slapped his cock out of the way. "You serve ME!!" she pinned him down.
Korra used her earth bending powers to bend a rock into a dildo. "you're such a bad boy." she said and start butt-fucking him with the rock didlo.

"Oh god, no!" Sesshomaru screamed and his ass bleed like dhiarreah.

"No means yes, I know this cause you do it all the time." Korra smilled and continued to screw him. She put her shapely ass on the other end of the dildo and started doing herself while ontop of Sesshomaru.
Once she gave him an orgasm through the ass she rolled him over and sucked on his dick.

"Now you're being obedient." He said. He smiled and rubbed her boobs. He took his dick out of her mouth and stuck it between her titties. "Oh yes, I love this. Your beasts are so lovely!"
His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he laughed with pleasure.

"Sesshomaru-Kun, I want it in my pussy. Could you please do that. Pleeeeeeeassse???" She whimpered.

"I've got a better idea!" Sesshomaru ripped off all of his clothes and turned into a dog-demon. He mounted her like a dog and did her doggy style. While he did her he bit her on the neck.

"Oh yes, I think I'm going to cum!!" Korra screatched.

"Me too!" Sesshomaru smiled. They pushed and pulled.

"Oh goooood!!!!!!!!!!!" Korra gasped. He came right in her. His juices were dripping out of her. "That was fantastic." Korra and Sesshomaru cuddled.
"Sesshomaru, do you really love me?" She looked into his eyes in search of an answer of love. They twinkled.

"Of course I do." But he was lieing. He only wanted her for sex and war. She didn't know though. He would never tell her in fear of her leaving.
"I've loved you the most, ever."

"But you made love to Kagome, too."

"Fuck Kagome, I love you. But her breasts are bigger and nicer than yourr- er, I mean -yours are so much better, is what I mean."

"No!" Korra got mad, "that little bitch, I'm going to kick her ass!" She stormed out of the room with the rock dildo.

"Sesshomaru put out his arm "Wait, Korra!"

Korra stormed into the dungeon where Kagome was. "You little bitch. I'm going to fuck you up, big time."

Kagome was all helplessly chained up and in bondage. "W-what are you going to do to me? Inuyashaaaaaaa!"

"Inuyasha isn't going to help you now, tard. He's knocked up his friend and doesn't give a damn about you."

"He...has?" tears comming from her heart rolled down her cheeks. Kagome cried and mourned over the loss of her lover.

"STOP THAT!" Korra slapped her in the face with the bloody dildo. "I'M GOING TO SHOVE THIS IN YOU AND TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!"
Korra stuck the dildo inside of Kagome and smashed it into her uterus.

"No, that hurts!" Kagome cried ever more. Blood was comming out of her eyes.

Korra thrusted it so deep into her that it tore through her uterus and she bleed all over. Since Kagome is a vampire she can't die and so she lived on.
Korra kissed Kagome on the mouth, "there you go, bitch. Enjoy your damn orgasm." She walked out of the room.



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This is a chapter during the school-life of Reicheru.

Chapter 10 - School of the Demen's Rain

It was bright out and there were clouds in the sky at Akuma No Uta Highschool, the day almost seemed perfect to anyone inexperienced. But Reicheru knew better.
It was really akward back at school with Denmark. Reicheru, Inuyasha, and the others had failed to find Sesshomaru's secret cave. So she had to go back to school as normal.
Tooday there was a singing contest and everyone was nervous. A lot of people would join and a lot of people would lose. Reicheru, Yuki, and Minna were shitting at the lunch table, eating their lunches.

"Hey Rei-chan," Minna exclaimed, "I hear you're going out with Denmark but that you cheated on him with Inuyasha."

"Yeah, I kind of want to avoid them both at school today." Rei said sturring her mashed potatoes. "Inuyasha can visit his baby after I've had it."

Yuki put her hand on Rei's shoulder, "it'll be okay, Rei-Kun. Denmark will come to his senses and realize he loves you even though you may bare the child of Inuyasha."

" Yeah, I hope he learns to understand me. I want things to go back to the way they were before Inuyasha ruined it." Rei felt a darkness loom in her heart, she knew that she couldnt' keep on this happy face.

"Hey Rei-chan, you should go for the singing contest. You have a beautifurl voice. You know? I can see you winning!" Minna held her finger up and said happily.

"I couldnt' do that..." Rei turned away as she began to silently cry tears of saddness over her whole situation.

"Don't be modest! You have the voice of an angle!" Minna cheered.

"Yeah, that's right- you have a better voice than me and I'M an angle." Yuki smiled.

Rei rested her hand on her belly: she could feel the baby move. Some girl was walking by when she tripped and her tray and food landed all over Reicheru.
Through the spaghetti and mashed potatoes Rei could see who it was. It was Lucy.

"Hey!" Reicheru screamed, "whach where your going you red haired bimbo."

"To be honest I'm not very sorry." Lucy graciously picked up her tray. "You don't want to mess with me, Rei. I'm a blood bender too, and a better one than you. And I can use my horns to ram you like a bull if I want."

"Yeah but you lost your powers." Reicheru smirked. "You cant use your fancy invisible hands anymore not after what I did to you."

Lucy threw her tray down "I don't want to talk about that! SO SHUT UP!" Lucy ran away crying, her red hair flowing in the wind like silky blood.

"Whoa Rei, what did you do to her." Minna looked surprised.

"She bit her and turned her into a vampire, after seducing her of course." Yuki continued, "now that she's undead she can't use her four arm soles to kill people. Life really sucks for her now."

"No way! Rei is this true??" Minna gasped.

"Yeah..." Reicheru pulled the spaghetti off her pregnant belly. "She had it comming to her. Everyone wants her dead anyway."


The bell rang and it was time to go to class. The teacher was waiting at the chalk bored as the students flooded in like a pool of blood. They all sat down and waited.

"Good morning class" the teacher said,  "I see we have a full room today. No one is sick." he chuckled and smiled. He couldn't happen to help but to notice Rei, Yuki, and Minna in their tight school uniforms.
He was mainly focused on Reicheru's nice curvy body. Her cute little cat ears perked up when he spoke to her. "Alright, Rei tell me what 45(x-90)/3 is? In your head!"

Reicheru thought for a mere 5 seconds, "-1335x, sir."

He smiled, "well talent and looks, I'm glad to have someone like you in my class Rei-chan."

She blushed, "o-oh thank you sensei."

"Have you though of joining the singing contest. I couldn't help but hear your singing in the girl's bathroom on the way to the class room and it sounded beautiful."

"Oh no, I don't think I'll be doing that." Rei tried to hide her face in her collar.

"You don't have a choice, Rei." Minna smiled.


She took out a pencil and cutely nibbled on it,"Cause I signed you up!"

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