Blood Raining Night

  Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni

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Chapter 11 - A Beautiful Voice Lost in the Rain


Sensei laughed really hard, "good going Minna. You should join the contest, too. Do any of you ever sing in the shower?"

They all looked at each other and said, "yeah sometimes. We do. Even with each other!" Reicheru laughed jokenly.

"Hahhaha, that's cute." He smiled. "Alright then class, Reicheru has to go to practice singing while we finnish the rest off our math class. Good luck, Rei-Kun."

"Thank you, sensei-sama." she left the room excited. 'I hope I can do this!' she thought to herself. 'I cant belive that Minna-chan signed me up! That crazy ho."
She chuckled to herself because she wasn't being serious.

"Your not going to win that contest, Reicheru. I can blood bend and I will force you to singing something shitty." It was Lucy again.

"Oh back off you tough-ass bitch." Reicheru starred her down like two cowboys in the old west getting ready to fight each other to the death.

"You still got speghetti on your pregnant parts." Lucy pointed to Reicheru's belly. "You're such a whore and everyone KNOWS it."

"Your wrong and blind. You dont' see things like other people do because you can't get a grip on your own reality because you're so cruel to everyone. People love me.
You're the one they hate, you're the on ethat everyone wants to stay away from. and you know wha? You're the whore. I know about all the people you've slept with.
Don't think that when I see Germany and Bolin I don't see you ontop of them wallering like a walrus in heat. It's sick."

"That hurts!" Tears of pain and shame poured from the inside of her body through her eyes. She didn't want to remember her bad past. "You stupid bitch."
She walked away, defeated. She was no match for Reicheru and her strong words of passion and truth.

"You can't beat me, I have a heart stronger than anyone's will to eat."

Reicheru was sitting at the library reading a book and practicing singing. She could feel the baby inside of her growing stronger and getting bigger.
"Daddy," she said to herself, "why are you so cruel to me? Alls I ever did was love you and want to be your daughter and then when my cat demon killed mom you didn't love me anymore.
I never did anything wrong! Now I live every day bloody and ashamed of my parts that can't control themselves. The parts that need to come out and live. My she wolf. The things that live deep inside of me.
WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME DADDY!? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME??" it was like the world fell on its head and she was transported back into time. There she was sitting there with her fatter as a little girl.

"You stupid asshole," he wa shitting her intensly onto the floor. Blood was on her face and she couldn't get up,

"NO, I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!" she cried.

It was the singing contest and everyone was sitting and waiting for the performers to perform. Students and teatchers were sitting in the crows waiting for the contest to begin.
It began. A bunch of students sang songs like Firework, Stupid Boy, and maybe even some Little Wayne from the guys at school who liked to wrap alot. None of them were anything too special though.
"The next peformer is: Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni." the announcer said.

Reicheru shyly got up onto the stage and held the mic, "hey everyone. I wasn't delebrately trying to sing today, but my friend put me into the contest so here I am." People laughed.
"I just wanted to say- I...uh..." her eyes went off into the distance and she saw her father hitting her around like a plastic ball that children play with again. "I..."
The crowds of people looked worried and scared for her they didn't know what to do. "No daddy! No, no! Stop! I didn't mean to kill her! Daddy!!!!-da"

Suddenly. A song from her heart came out through her lungs in a melodic tone. She sang Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.
Everyone gazted at her intensly. She was so beautiful and in a trance, her voice of that of an angle singing in the heavens. Tears still came out of her eyes but she kept singing. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking.
The song finnished and everybody clapped and gave her a standing obvation. "Thank you." She blushed.

"I think we know who the ewienner is, Reicheru Ketsue-" SPLASH. Blood oozed out of Reicheru because Lucy blood bended her.

"So goodbye to your baby, Reicheru. I just gave you an aborition with my mind!" Lucy smirked.

Blood covered Reicheru's hands as she tried to wipe it away off of her uniform. "You bitch! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Chapter 12 - A Gift in Disguise


It was truely shocking when Lucy had performed the blood-bending technique on Reicheru. She fell to the ground, her hair fluttering in the wind like a dieing bird who was shot and falling to the gournd.
"Oh god," she thought "is this the end? Will I now die? will my baby die?" her head hit the stage ground and everyone could hear the gentle thud.

"HA," Lucy screamed and point at her, "take that! You thought you could talk shit to me and get away with it, but you shouldn't playw ith fire if you can't handle it." She smirked.

"Someone needs to take her home!!" Inuyasha screamed!

"I will." Denmark stepped up and held her in his arm. "I'm taking her home with me, where she belongs. Even though she's YOUR baby." he glared at Inuyasha.

"Dick." he sneered.

As he walked her home he could see how beautiful she was; her hair covering her cute, petite face, her turquoise highlight over her eyes, that slight smile upon her rosey red lipses, the way her school uniform hugged the curves on her body, and how her head bobbled up and down: it was magical to him.
He rememberd how much he loved her and what he has been missing this whole time. It didn't matter anymore that Inuyasha savaged her and plumped her up- it was the same girl he had known and loved this hole time, so he let it all go.
"I love you Reicheru." he spoke softly, like a quiet murmer that wasn't meant to be heard.

Like maic, she opened her eyes and smiled! "I love you too, Denny-Kun."

He cried and held her tigher, "I'm so happy things are back to exactlly the way they were! I missed those days."

"I did too." she smiled.

They were at home and Reicheru was laying in bed. Korra walked in through the door and shat down next to her with a giftbox.

"Konnichiwa Rei-cha-"

"STOP IT! STOP ACTIN GLIKE MY FRIEND!" Reicheru bitchslapped Korra on the face. "I know that you are with Sesshomaru, trying to destroy us, and having tons of fun with him!"

"Reicheru..." Korra's face turned down as she begun to cry. There was a deep pain in her heart where her feelings were hurt. "'t understand. I can't control myself."

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN"T CONTROL YOURSELF? You killed someone and you've been lieing to us this whole time!" Reicheru slapped down on her food tray and it went flying into Korra's face.

"Hey- watch out!" she brushed the rice out of her poneytail. "I've got something to tell you, it's really important."

"Fine, what is it?" Reicheru crossed her arms like a mad little boy with his parents. her eyes burned with fire and anger, the sun beamed in them.

"I'm...well...I..." Korra stopped and breatehd, "I'm part demon, too. I'm like you, Reicheru. And I'm like Yuki. I'm part angel and I'm part demon. When my demon side comes out I forget who I am and I do thinks I wouldn't do."

"So you mean that when your with Sesshomaru you don't remember and that your bad side is controlling you?"

"That's right." Korra smiled. "Thank god you understand."

"it's not a matter of understand, it's a matter of loyalty."

"I understand." Korra nodded. "When I'm an angle I'm really good, but when Im a demon Im really bad. So bad it hurts. I wake up and I'm angryw ith myself."

"I wish I could help you, Korra." Reicheru hesitated.

"You can, Reicheru. do what you were born to do...destroy Sesshomaru and all even. Hey i'm really sorry about the confusion. I'm going to take you out for dinner sometime, kay? We owns a traditional mexican restaraunt."

Reicheru laughed. "My dad hates mexicans. He never took me to mexican restaurants."

"He sounds like a dick."

"Yeah, he'd probably kill you if he had the chance." Reicheru smiled and shrugged. "sounds great, I'll come and eat with you at your restaurant sometime soon. Bye."

"Goodbyeee~!" Korra smiled and gave Rei a big hug.


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Chapter 13 - Shower of Rain



"Reicheru, why are you getting dressed?" Denmark asked. he just came out of the shower and was wearing a white backrobe. He looked at her real hard and smiled.

"I'm going out with a friend a girls night out type of thing, you know. ONLY for girls." she smirked at him. "I know what your thinking. You think that when girls have sleepovers or go out for dinner they end of making out."

He giggled, "sometimes. I can't help it, it's a fantasy! A guy thing."

"Yeah, whatever. I know all about your 'guy thing'." she laughed as she put on her black silk kimono. She has her hair tied up in a red ribbon, like she does for the Yakuza. A red obi with neon butterflies on it.
"I'll be at Korra's mexican restaurant, okay? If you need me I'll be there."

"Dont eat anything to spicy, Rei. You don't want to burn the baby!" He laughed at his own joke, it was kind of stupid. But that's what she loved about him.

"Uhh, okay baby. I love you." She kissed him very pessionately. "And I always will. Byeeee~" She walked out the door with the end parts of the bow on her obi flowing in the wind. She was stunning.


She arrived at the mexican restuarant it was called Les Tacos (AKA: them Tacos, a very hip and vibe place.) Korra was standing at the door bowing.
"Come on in Reicheru!" she rushed ove rand hugged her. "Man, I missed ya. I'm glad to see you out of bed and healing well."

"Yeah, me too." She smiled. It was a fake smile. She still beared terrible thoughts thoughts that wanted to consume her and make her cry. But it was time for mexican food, so she couldn't think about that.

"Kay ladies, sit over here. Here's your menus." The waitress said. They set down at a booth Twinkle Magic was playing on the radio.

"Thanks, Aya." Korra said. "It's nice not to be the one serving for once." she smiled a bight and beaming smile like the shun.
"It's really hard being mexican". Korra sighed. "there's a lot of racist people around and I get very tired of it. Sometimes I just want to punch them." she giggled and smiled.

"Don't worry," Reicheru stuck a nacho into her mouth, "I'll beat the shit out of anyone that messes with you."

"Aha!!!" Korra took Rei's hands, "you shouldn't be doing that you have a baby on board your tummy."

"Agh fuck the baby. I forgot about that. I suppose that means I shouldn't have any fancy drinks tonight."

"No silly." Korra smiled and shook her head.

"Shut up you mexican." one of the guys from the both next to them said.

"Shut up dickface or I'll stuff your sorry ass full of nachos." Reicheru's eyes turned red and her cat demon nearly came out.

"That's enough Rei-Chan!" Korra sweated. "Sir, mind your own business."

"YOU mind YOURS, bitch." he growled.

"YOU-" Reicheru stood up but Korra made her sit down.

"Just ignore him, Reiche." Korra spoke softly like a breeze.

They sat at the table waiting for their order. Korra got a coke and Reicheru had her first bubble tea.

"WOW, what's in this?! Whenever I suck on it I get these squishy balls in my throat. I nearly chocked!"

"That's tapioca, Reiche. Squishy tapioca balls. Aren't they good?" She smiled. "You know, it's funny. I'm half angel and half demon. You're half demon and Yuki's half angel. Do you think we're related?"

Reicheru stopped sucking. "I don't know Ko-chan. That's a weird thing to think hehe."

"Yeah," she blushed, "your right!"

Suddenly, Reicheru felt a terrible peng in her stomach. "Oh god!!!" she said, "it really hurts. God, what's happening?!?!"

"I'm using my angelic powers, I can sense you're giving birth!"

"WHAT!?!? HERE?!?!?" Reicheru screamed.

"Someonehelp us!" Korra cried.

"Shut up, mexican." A rude man said.

Korra was flustered "Fuck, we're in this on our own! Get read and spread your legs, Rei....

...I'm doing this!"


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Chapter 14 - Born an Agle



"Korra-chan, it hurts its really hurts!!!!" Reicheru closed her eyes tightly. It seemed like it would take an eternity. She had been dialating for a good 2 hours and her whole body felt like giving up.

"Hey Rei-chan! I can see it! It's beautiful! Dont give up now!" Korra screamed and held onto the baby.

"Believe me Korra-chan, I can't not now." she cried and her eyes bleed out. The pain throbbed through her temples and to her legs.

Screams and pain could be heard throughout the entire restaurant. People had stopped eating and was watching intently. Some people threw up.
Reicheru pushed as hard as she could and Korra encouraged her through the whole thing. The baby's head came out first and then Korra pulled her out.

"Reicheru" Korra said, "its a-" A BRIGHT CRIMSON LIGHT SHONE FROM THE BABY AND THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. Floating in the air was a young naked girl with long green hair.
She had kind face and a beautiful smile. Her cheeks were rosey and her eyes twinkled. She had brown furry ears comming out of her head and two wigs on her back.

"Oka-San," spoke the little girl "I am Elaine your daughter, this is my true form. Thank you for carrying me all this time. A part of me lie kidden in you and in Inuyasha. When you two came together you made me. For thousands of years I have lied dormant within people waiting for the perfect match to find each other."

"Does that mean I should marry Inuyasha?" Reicheru said. Her golden eyes sparkled and a tear fell off her face.

"Oka-San, I can't tell you anymore about your life. You need to figure things out for yourself. I have created you and in return you created me. Before I leave, I shall grant you one withs."

"I dont' know what to wish for!! Who are you?" her eyes burned.

"I am god. You are the mother of god. I will give you one peice of ever lasting happiness."

She looked to the ground like as if starring at something intensly trying to make up her mind. She could be selfish and ask her father dead or ask where Sesshomaru was hiding.
"Show me where Sesshomaru the Vampire Lord is." her voice rang out into the stars.

"As you wish Oka-San."  Between Elaine's (AKA Tenshikuzu) hands there was a vision of the path to Sesshomaru's secret lair. "The perfect time would be to go ashita."

"Tomorrow, I see." Recheru nodded. "Sayounara, Tenshikuzu."

"Sayounara, Oka-San." Elaine disappeared into the light.

Korra and a bunch of the other people regained conciousness. "Whoa!?!? What happend??!!" she was scarred and pannicking.

"It's okay." Reicheru reassured. "Hey, I think I'll order the duck."


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Chapter 15 - School Days

Reicheru and Yuki were sitting under a sakura tree at school. It was warm and sunny out and everything smelt of lavender. They were busy skipping class. Mr Hanayubi their teacher didn't care. He knew girls needed time alone sometimes.

"Wow, and then she flew up into the air in light?" Yuki-chan gasped.

"Yeah, she just disappeared into the air and light. It was pretty amazing. I'm sad to see her go though. I'm sure Inuyasha will be sad too." Reicheru sighed and closed her eyes.

"How's Denmark taking this?"

"He's alright with it. He wanted to see the baby. We were going to raise it together but Tenshikuzu said that me and Inuyasha were the perfect match. I don't get it."

"It'll all come to you in time Rei-chan. Believe in yourself." Yuki-chan put her hand on Reicheru's hand.

"You're right. I'll be sure to do that." BUZZ BUZZ "Hey, my cell is ringing." Reicheru picked it up. "Hello?...Uhhuh....WHAT? way!...I told her she shouldn't watch Pokemon."

Yuki sat up "what? What is it!"

"You know why Minna-chan hasn't been at school today? She got amnesia watching pokemon. The lights that flash do something to your head. I told her she shouldn't watch it alone!"

"That idiot!" Yuki huffed, "what's going to happen to her?"

"Apparently she'll be comming later. We should talk to her and reintroduce her to everyone. Maybe it will jog her memory."

"Damn I hope it does. Lunch will be sad without the Minna-chan we know and love." Yuki put her head on her hand and sighed.

Later that day Minna-chan came in a white car and weakly walked out of it. She wabbled back and forth and tried to keep her balance on the hood of the car.
"Th-thanks for taking me to school. Hanate-San?"

"Yes, Hanayubi-San." It was their teacher he was wearing dark sunglasses and a white shirt with a red tie. He got out of the car and lead her to Yuki and Reicheru.
"I found her walking around my house talking about pokemon. I decided to give her a ride. She said she didn't want it but I knew she really did." He smiled at her. "Aren't you glad now?"

"Y-yes, domo arigato gosaimashita Hanayubi-San." she bowed and walked over to Reicheru and Yuki. "Are you misty?" she pointed to Yuki.

"No hun. Your memory has really been burnt out. Don't you remember who we are?" Yuki put her hands on her hips.

"Alls I remember is the lights flashing and Pikachu screaming!" Minna-chan put her hands on her head and cried immense tears.

Reicheru put her hands out "Hey it's okay! You're safe now. It was all just a bad dream, okay?"

Mr. Hanayubi took off his coat and put it on Minna's shoulder. "Let me take you to the janitor's closet to dry your tears."

"Ok-kay..." Minna sniffed and was taken away.

"Wow, this isn't good." Reicheru's eyes grew big. "How do you think we'll get her back to normal?"

"Was she ever normal?" Yuki asked.

They laughed. "Well, we should get going to class. I hope she does okay with the assignments."

"Hmmm...don't get your hopes up." Yuki looked suspiciously.

Class had already begun when Reicheru and Yuki got there. Mr. Hanayubi and Minna were already in class. Sensei was talking at the front of the board.

"Okay so class," he said, "can you tell me what the bay of pigs is? Minna-chan?" He pointed at her with his pen.

"Uhum..." she spoke quitely, more quietly than a timmid little mouse. "Is it when the pigs came to the bay...?"
The whole class laughed at her. Her face turned red like blood with embarrassment. Her eyes became tiny and the tears started to flow.
"No no! I-I was jokeing! The bay of pigs is's a celebration of the year of the pigs."
Everyone laughed again. "No! I..."

"Don't hurt yourself Minna-chan." Mr. Hanayubi assured. "You'll figure it out in the next lesson."

"BUT I DO KNOW!" she frantically looked around at everyone "I SWEAR!" Minna-chan ran out of the room crying painful tears.

"You all need to shut the fuck up!" Reicheru yelled. Immediately everyone became quiet. "Thank you."

It was very quiet at lunchtime. Minna was still sad about her earlier troubles.
"I don't get it." she said "how d-did this happen?"

"Don't think about it, okay? You're gonna be alright. We'll find a way to get your memory back. After all, I am the mother of god." Reicheru said.

"You....what? What are you talking about?" Minna's eyes grew wide with surprise.

"Heh I'll have to explain that to you too." Reicheru closed her golden eyes. "i hope to see Elaine again."

"You will!" Yuki chimed it.

"Hey Minna-chan." Mr Hanayubi came over. "gomennasai about earlier today. You used to be a great student and you still are, so I'm sure everything will work out. I've got a sweet treat for you."
He was grabbing at something in his pocket and he took it out and gave it to her. It was a ball of mochi. "I hope this cheers you up."

"Th-thank you. You're so sweet." she smiled. "you're the best teatcher that ever was. You care about your students more than other people do."

"Well, they don't call me mister flower fingers for nothing." He smiled and walked away.

"It's great to have friends like you around." Minna looked at Yuki and Reicheru. "you're the only things that keep me going."

"We're happy to help!" they said at the same time.

"Do you know how to get my memory back?" Minna asked.

Yuki put her finger to her lips. "Hmmm, well, I did hear of one way...but...I don't think we should do it. We'll have to go to a vampire witchtress to do it, too."

"I'M WILLING!" Reicheru stood up. "Anything for Minna's memory black!"

"ME TOO!" Minna stood up also.

"Alright then, I'll have to bring you to her." Yuki sighed.

"Who?" Rei and Minna said at the same time.

"Luka Megurine, of course."



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Chapter 16 - The Witch and the Huntress


it was scary and cold outside. Nothing could be heard but the breathing of Reicheru, Yuki and Minna. not even birds fluttered like fishes in the ocean through the sky of everlashting darkness and the stars.
They were looking for Luka who was known for her beautiful singing voice and magic spells that were vasted over people and goodness did she have big boobs! Other people thought that maybe she was the child of the goddess of Aphroditee.
Others thought she was a vampire seductress hidden away in the forest because her looks could destroy a person from the inside out.

"I heard that she could be a vampire seductress hidden away int he forest because her looks could destroy a person from the inside out." Reicheru said, her eyes gazed amongst the stars in the moonlight.

"heh if that were true Rei-kami, you'd be stuck in the forset with her." Minna laughed and giggles. She sounded like a sweet little chirping bird in flight on a warm summers day, in the sunlight feeling the light on its wings as it went over the world like a soft airplaine.

"Minna-chan you are so flattering!" Reicheru blushed and her face became the color of a rose in bloom. "Don't say such things I dont deserve them!"

"Of course you do Rei-kami." Yuki said. "out of all the people in this world you are the only one who sticks with her friends like you do. you are beautiful inside out! Any guy is more than lucky to have you."

"Come on, we need to get Minna-chans memory back!" Reicheru said and they continued on into the creepy forest.

"So Minna-chan how long have you been watching pokemon?" Yuki said.

"Uhum I dont' even remember that. But I'm sure its been a while. I only remember the lights flashing and pikachu screaming!!!" Minna put her hands on her head and closed her eyes "I wish it would stop!!"

"Calm down Minna-chan" Yuki shook her "you're all right now no ones going to hert you! Pokemon isnt real. only if you make it real." Yuki's words reached out and touched Minna-chan like no other.

"your right Yuki. I need to stay strong." Minna's eyes glowed.

"Hey Yuki are we almost there?" Reicheru looked behind her to see the two following her.

"Yes she should just be a tiny bit further I can see her house!' Yuki smiled bright and beautiful. "we need to be careful when we walk in. we don't want her getting scared and casting a spell on us."

"Can she really do that?" Reicheru looked at Yuki with slight doubt like a lost boy.

"YES!" Yuki was very cautioned. "she can do almost anything she wants too! I wouldn't go questioning her unless you want to leave this forrest looking like a oger." Minna and Reicheru looked at each other and sweated.
"Well here's her house." Yuki said as they all looked at the great structure that went up into the sky.

As they walked in they could hear a soft beautiful voice say, "hello I see you are looking for something." there she shat on a grand luxorious chair was Luka Megurine.
Her hair was about as long as the floor and was pink with soft pink highlights. She wore a tall witches black hat that has gold trim around the edges of the brim. She wore a long dark grey dress that was in two pieces.
Her top was dark grey with gold trim around her collar and edges. She wore a gold broatch like thing on her neck that was on her shirt. She had a headset that was brown with gold trim and a gold zig zag pattern on it. The part that went on her ears was blue with gold trim.
On her arm was a brown armband with creases and gold trim on the edges.She had a brown arm wangers with gold trim and gold writing with a blue rectange that lights up when she sings.
Her skirt was a dark grey with gold trim around the edges. On her waist was brown rectangles of brown with a gold zig zag pattern. She wore brown socks with gold trim that went up to her thigh and the inside of her skirt was a lighter brown.
her shoes went up to her knees and were gold they had brown shoelaches and brown heels. Areound her neck was a blue collar and her nails were blue. She looked very beautiful.

"What do you want, children?" Luka closed her blue glowing ocean eyes. you could feel how powerful she was and mysterious just by looking at her.

Reicheru stood up and bravely said "we're heare to bring back the memory of our friend Minna-chan." She looked at Minna and Minna stepped forward.

"Luka Megurine I want my memory back. Please." Minna-chan bowed and got on the floor in front of her.

"Hmmmm. Why should I do this for you? I am very powerful and very beautiful. If you wantme to help you you'll have to get someone just like me. How about you." Luka pointed at Reicheru.
"if you want me to restore your friends memory you'll have to be more than beautiful. You'll have to beat me at a singing contest. But I warn you, no one has beaten me before. I am a master of music."

"Rei-kami you can do it!" Yuki cheered "you beat everyone at the school contest you can for sure beat her here!" I'll use my angelic powers to help her Yuki whispered to Minna.

"no Yuki!" Minna shouted "only demons can control music! you'll have to leave this to Rei-kami!" she held onto Yuki "we can only pray. you're an angel you can prey."

"Your right I can." Yuki put her hands in front of her and prayed. "daughter of Reicheru. Holy god help your daughter. She needs you right now. I am your dicipel, listen to me. Come to your mother's aid mother of god, and help your mother."

"Preyig wont help you now! Come Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni come and sing with me! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Luka began to sing Just Be Friends. Her voice flew throughout the wind like the beautiful sound of death.

"Don't underestimate me!" Reicheru opened her lungs and started to sing My Sancutary from Kingdom Hearts. Her voice sounded like a flood of despair and beauty. It nearly drowned Luka's voice out!

Both of them started to sing louder and louder. Luka sang "Just be friends all we gotta do just be friends. It痴 time to say goodbye just be friends. all we gotta do Just be friends" and Reicheru sang, "and you and I there's a new land. Angles that fly! My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah."
the sounds fought each other like the fire and water tribes. At the final moment Reicheru's music rang out into the heavens! her demonic powers took control and her eyes turned red. In her cat demon form she sang so loud and so beautiful it shattered Lukas eardrums!

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Luka cried and fell to the floor. her ears and eyes were bleeding like a flood of pain and agony and her voice stopped. "FINE FINE!! I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR FRIENDS MEMORY BACK!"
she raised her hand but before she could cast the spell she was ripped into pieces!

"AH!" Minna screamed and hugged Yuki!

"What the fuck was that?!!?!" Reicheru yelled!

"You both are pathetic bitches." she came out of the dark. It was Lucy. her hair was a short pinkish red and she was wearing a white long gownd with no shoes. Her bare feet were on the floor and her eyes were the same color as her hair. On the top of her head there were two white horns.

"YOU ASSHOLE!!!" Reicheru screamed. "I'm gonna FUCK YOU UP! You destroyed the chance of Minna-chan getting her memory back!!!!!"

"I've always wanted to fight you. you think your life is hard? you dont' know MY life!"

"I know your life." Reicheru said coldly like the ice cold night "but you don't know mine. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I"VE HAD TO GO THROUGH TO BE HERE???" she slammed her fisht into the wall and made a 10 ft hole. Lucy stumbled back a bit.

"I've always wanted to fight you." Lucy took out her hands. "I'm going to blood bend you in half, Reicheru."

"NOT BEFORE I DO!" Reicheru whipped out her hand and they began to blood bend each other. They struggled and stuggled. both their arms shaking with the power. "A demons power to blood bend is a lot more stronger than yours."

"Don't talk so mighty. Just watch. I'll win." Lucy looked at her in anger.

"What makes you say that?" Reicheru looked deep into her blood red eyes.

"I'm not alone."



Chapter 17 - Rain of Heartbreak


"What are you talking about?" Reicherus eyes burned like the fire of the sun. "who's with you Lucy?" her eyes widened with surprise and she nearly cried tears of anguish. Standing next to Lucy was her father!
"Daddy?!?! What are yo udoing?!!" he was cloaked with his face hidden as usual.

"I have a surprise for you Reicheru. At first I wansnt going to invite you but since you are my daughter i thought you should know come and see me get married to your new mother." he grinned an evil grin of hate and darnkess.

Everyone gasped. "No! This isn't what I fucken think it is!" Reicheru cried!

"Thats right." Lucy said coldly "me and your daddy are getting married! There's nothing you can do about it. Nothing!" Lucy laughed a cruel and sadistic laugh. Her eyes were blood red with pleasure.
Reicheru's father leaned in on Lucy for a kiss. Their lips and tounges met at it was like a bomb went off in Reicheru's heart exploding it and sending blood everywhere.

"That's fucken disguesting! I'll never go to your wedding!" Reicheru threw up in her fucking hands. "YOU NASTY DISK!"

He threw his head back and laughed. "No no my dear. You will come. I've formally invited you to my wedding." he handed Reicheru a pretty wedding invatation card. "At least consider it. Wont you, dear? Its going to be really beautiful."

she took the invitation, "shut your mouth. you'll be lucky if I take another loo at it." the invitation burned in her hands like placing your hand on a hot stove. tears of blood started from her eyes and she felt like she was going to cry. Why would he hurt her like this?

"Me and Lucy both have something in commen. And she is my type of girl in bed." her father smiled. "I hope to see you tomorrow, Rei-chan. Bring your little brat too if you want."

"SUCK IT DADDY!" Reicheru screamed as her father and Lucy flew away into the air. "Damn it" Reicheru cried "I can't believe this! That bitch and my father. This is all too strange!!!! Like death has crawled into my mouth and is poisoning all of my organs...I feel like I'm dieing fromthe inside out!"

Yuki put her hands on Reicheru's shoulders. "don't worry Rei-kami. Everything can still work out."

"How?!" tears of blood came down her cheeks.

"You know what will really get to your father? is if you killed him and Lucy that day. In front of everyone. He'd be so embarrassed!" her eyes shone brightley as she smiled.

"Yuki!" Reicheru gasped. "That's perfect! no that's better than perfect! Those two will pay!" she was so excited! "Minna, I am so sorry about your memory. That is one thing I wish we could fix."
Suddenly a strange feeling overcame Reicheru...a lusty feeling. She felt like she needed to drink blood. Her eyes became blood red like the sun and her veins popped out of her head. She could feel the hunger in her.
"R-Rei-kami. Your giving us that look..." Minna said scared.

Reicheru went over to luka's body and began sipping up what was left of her. It tasted so wonderful the blood of a witch. The blood dripped all over her mouth and body. she started smearing it all over her, rubbing her arms and legs and back.
She wanted to live in it. She wanted it in her! She bit off part of Luka's arm and chewed it down like a fleshy Twizzler of satisfaction and blood.

"Reicheru!" Yuki grabbed her "Stop it your scaring us! Stop it please!" Reicheru just looked at her and growled. When she was done there was nothing left of Luka but her clothes.

Then suddenly a light shone from above them and Elaine appeared! She flaw down to them and her long green hair floated around her like as if she were swimming. She was naked again like she was at birth.

"Oka-san." Elaine spoke "you have shown great bravery comming here and defeating the terrible witch Luka Megarine. in return for your bravery and heart as a true friend and warrior, I will give Minna-chan's hearing back to her."
Elaine raised her hands into the air and a light shone around Minna's head. she could feel the essance of life running through her like rushing river water to the south!

"T-thank you." Minna=chan cried tears of joy and happiness. "T-thank you so much! This means everything to me!"

"Your welcome Minna-chan. Take care of Oka-san for me will you? You too Yuki."

"we will!" Yuki and Minna said.

"By Tenshikuzu." Reicheru waved. "Aishiteru you."

"Aishiteru you too, Oka-san." Elaine blue her a kiss and disappeared.




Chapter 18 - Bloodlove Rain


It was nearly midnight. The breeze was cool with the shouts of the people if the dead. Something about it just screamed sex. He was there. She was there.
Lucy stood in the moonlight with her long red hair fluttering in the wind like butterflied in the wind. she had a silk white see through robe on with a white silk see through belt around her waist.
Her white horns shone in the wind and moonlight like as if they were glowing. So beautiful. Reicheru's father was aroused at the sight because he could see her boobs. He walked over to Lucy and put his hand on her butt.

"You know" he said "I've got to tell you something." he looked deely into her crimson satton eyes, glowing like a fire of desire and want. "you don't know who I am do you?"

Lucy's voice was faint like a tiny kitten and in love. "No I don't. You've never showed me your face. but your body is all I need!" she wrapped her arms around him like string.

"I must show you who I am, Lucy-kun..." he gently lowered his hood from his head. Lucy gasped! he was a lot uglier than she imagined.

Lucy looked upon his yellow hair and builded body "Your Goku-Kun?"  his hair was different. It was really short and spiky and he was rather tall.

"I've traveled into the future and I met this beautifuk woman. Thats when I had Reicheru. Until one day the little bitch killed her own mother! I should have thrown her to the streets when I found out that she had a cat demen."
His eyes glowed with the fire of hate and destruction! "I had already fallen from my past as a hero and began using drugs. This didnt make it any better!" He would do anything to kill his daughter and wring her neck to bits.
"Lucy-kun, it doesnt matter who I am. I still want to do you. I want your ass." he squeezed his hand on her butt. "it's so round and veluptious."

Lucy opened her white silk see through robe, "Come at me big boy. I have been waititng for this moment for a slong time. I wanna fuck that ugly face." she threw her white silk robe on the ground.
Lucy used her diclonious hands to unzip his pants and play with his big dick parts while she used her other diclosnious hands to play with hers. He kissed her neck and sucked on her tities.

"Lets move this to the sky." Goku said and smiled like a demen. He wrapped his arms around her and they flew up into the air! They were like two butterlies making love on the wings of the wind! Lucy's white see through silk robe fell to the ground under them, fluttering in the wind.
"I love your silky white chocolate skin! Oh yes give me that ass!'

Lucy wrapped his legs around him "Go-kun you feel so good! Please dont stop! not if your life depended on it!"  she gasped and whined as he went in and out of her like an elevator.
Lucy used her diclonious hans to rubs his nipples. They got harder with the harder she rubbed them. He smiled in delight and his nose bleed on Lucy's face.

"Sorry" he said "I just I got too excited heh heh heh." he continued to make out with her with his long tounge. "Lu-kun I'm going to flip you over and do you doggy style."

"I'll love that!" she gasped! And so he flipped her over and did her doggy style. He held onto her horns like as if she was a bull and rode her through the air.
She shoved her diclonious hands up his ass and he screamed through the ass it was so good! Ho moaned and yelled! It was the best he ever had.

"You better watch out Lucy. I'm going to cum all overy you if your not careful!" he said!

"If Reicheru could see us righ tnow she'd be so pissed!" Lucy chuckled.

"OH MY GOD!" Goku screamed and he came in the sky sending liquified pleasure all over the townsfulk below.
He gently took Lucy down and landed them both on the edge of the boathouse. "It's nice we got to celebrate our honeymoon early, isn't it?"

"That's right" lucy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"I can't wait for the wedding tomorrow. Reicheru's going to pay for being the little brat she is." Goku smiled and laughed. Lucy laughed and they made love for the rest of the evening.



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Chapter 19 - Rain on Your Parade


"Comon lets go. We should be getting to the bride's shop as soon as possible. I know what I want to wear and I think i'll look super cute in it." Reicheru smiled her haid and closed her eyes.
"There might be stuff you guys will like too Yuki-chan and Minna-chan." Reicheru took their hands in a soft weeping motion, like a bird flying lowly, and they began to walk out of the dark forest.

"I'm so happy your memory is back Minna-chan. we were really worried about you!" Yuki smiled at her.

"T-Thank you for all you did for me. Especially you Rei-kami. I don't know where I'd be right now if you hadn't b-been for Reicheru and willing to fight Luka Megurine. It's a pity she had to die, she sounded so beautiful." Minna said.

"Of course not as beautiful as your voice Reicheru. I didn't know you had it in you. but deep down I did." Yuki said. A noise sounded quietly. Like a rusting through the bushes.

"Ohkami...oh god..." Reicheru whispered and dry leafy whisper like as if her throat was crusty and covered in hard dirt. "I know this sensation. I KNOW who this is."
He stepped out of the bushes, his red coat long and torn in many places like as if he were to have been in a battle with hungry dogs. His smiled was twisted like the mean dick he was. His long tounge slipped through his vampire teeth like as if to say konnichiwa.
It was fucking Alucard again (his Japanese name is Arukado).

He laughed like a mad man! He took off his googles to look at the three young girls in front of him. "Well, well, well. Yuki it's nice to see you again." He smiled.

"I wish I could say the same." Yuki looked at him coldy back with the essance of an iceblue.

"Hmh. Ahhh cousin Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni, how are we today? I see you've been drowning your post partum depression in blood and fear. How's being a mother? How's being knocked up at the age of 17 feel?"

"At least I've been with a woman" Reicheru hissed.

"I've gotten laid more than you shunshine." Alucard whiped his long black hair out of his deep crimson eyes. "I'm still one of Sesshomaru's henchmen and he wants you dead. To be honest, I might actually miss you when your gone but I rally have no choice."
He pulled out his gun and aimed it between her lusty golden eyes, "night night."

Suddenly a car burst through the trees and flattened Arukado like a steamroller. It was the same familiar white car they had seen parked at their school every day. The window rolled down and he peaked his head out, smiling at them and removing his sunglashes.
"Top of the evening girls. I saw three young girls deep in the forest looking lost so I thought I should stop by and if I could do anything to help them and it turned out to be you three! Haha! What are you guys doing?"

They all bowed "K-Konnichiwa Sensei Hanayubi." Minna spoke softly like the fur of a baby rabbit. "We had just finished some business here and now we were going to go to David's buraidaru (David's bridal) to get some maid's dresses."

"Oh? Who's getting married and who's the lucky man?" Sesnei Hanayubi said and continued to drive the car.

"Reicheru's father." Yuki said.

"And that bitch Lucy!" Reicheru chimed in.

Sensei Hanayubi looked surprised "Oh you mean that quiet girl in the black of my class? I never thought she was all that bad. She's had a tough life you know."

"Getting with someone's father is LOW I KNOW she's doing it just to annoy me." Reicheru said and crossed her arms leaning back on the seat.

"There's nothing wrong between the older man and a younger lady such as yourself. All love is pure and there should be no boundries."

"Easy for you to say Sensei." Reicheru sighed.

"Hey Reicheru" Minna-chan said, "He's kind of cute."

"You shouldn't say that about your teacher." Sensei hanayubi said and laughed.

"NO I was talking about Reicheru's cousin."

"Please dont' say that about him." Reicheru said.

They all got hungry so they decided to stop at the local Ke Efu Shi to get some friend chicken and hopefully a soda. They made their order: a bucket of special ke efu shi crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans and pepsies.
They drove up to the counter and he was their in a red apron and a little hat.

Yuki-chan rolled down her window, "Kouta-san?" she said "What are you doing working here? Have you been doing this for a while?"

"Uhh..." he said, "yeah for a while. Did you order the crispy chicken basket with the mashed potatoes and and basked beans and three pepsies?"

"Yes we did." She smiled.

"Hey Lucy told me that her and your dad are getting married, Reicheru. Is it true?"

Reicheru's eyes wattered with blood red tears "It's true. That stupid bitch. I dont know what to do to stop her."

"Yeah she can be pretty rough. It's because she's retarded and has brain damage and nobody likes her." Kouta said.
"Hey, I gave you a special gift inside of your Ke Efu Shi meal." He handed them the bag of food.

"Thank you." Reicheru sighed. She took the bag and they drove off. "Hey what's this?" Reicheru put her hand in the bag and pulled out a music box. "What do I use this for?"

"I-I don't know!" Minna chan looked at it and thought. "Hey S-Sensei. We want to go to David's buraidaru if that's okay with you? Right?"

"Sure thing I'll drop you guys off there."

"Thank you." All three of the girls said at once.

They were at the bride shop, they saw lots of beautiful dresses. Some were green some were pink and some were ugly. Reicheru stumbled upon a pinkish dress with light pink ruffle trim on it. It had no sleeves (the dress she wears at the end of my videos).
"Hey, this is beautiful! I need to go try this on in the changing rooms." Reicheru looked at the dress in beauty.

"See you in a bit Reiche!"

In the stall Reicheru came into her dress easily. She easily got it over her curvy thighs and small waist. Suddenly she heard a faint crying on the other side of the stall. It was a cry of pain and agony.

"Hey who's in there?" Reicher leaned up against the stall wall.

"None of you fucken business!" it was Lucy's voice (her name is Rushi in Japanese). "Ever since I was born i've been hurt over and over again. My parents left me and some boys beat my puppy to death and my friend got shot."

"You don't understand." Reicheru hissed through her teeth like the angriest snake, "I killed my mother. My father want's me dead. I have a demon that lives inside me. Many people want me dead. Do you know how it feels to be me? Do you have ANY idea what it feels to be be?"
"It's going down at the wedding. You both are going to pay for being the heartless cruel people you guys are. Hmh. I look good in this dress. Probably better than you."

"Shut up."
Reicheru sat up and was walking out the door when Lucy said, "see you in hell, bitch."

Reicheru turned around and opened her golden eyes, her lips rosy red and she said, "I'm already in it."



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Chapter 20 - He's Baack

"Did you pick out your dress Reicheru?" Minna-chan asked. "Whoa that looks very beautiful!"

"Nyu! Do you really thik so?" Reicheru blushed and twirled around her in dress. "Should I be worried about showing up the bride?" She smiled and laughed because she was kidding. She wanted to show up that little bitch.
They went to the counter and they all paid for their new dreses. They were really excited! Yuki felt very beautiful in her white sleveless dress with a pink heart in the middle and a pink miniskirt. At the counter was Miku.
Her long green pigtails flooded over the counter like a waterfall of green. It covered her papers and she had to brush them away.

"Shit this hair." Miku continued to brush it off of the papers. "What would you laides like?" she asked in a sweet fruity refreshing tone.

"Were buying these." She dropped the bag of dresses onto the counter. "This should be enough?" Reicheru reached into her pocket and pulled out $50.

"Sure thing." Miku said. "What a pretty dress. Are you getting frisky?"

"No we're going to a weeding. My dad's." Reicheru said in a dark voice, dark like night sky.

Miku's face lit up and she said in a cheerful tone! "Oh how cute! Daddy's little girl is going to his wedding and seeing him get married?!"

"Shut the fuck up it's terrible."

"Oh...I see/" Miku blushed red. She rang up her total and gave Reicheru her change. "See you ladies later! Good luck at your dad's wedding!"

"She doesn't understand." Reicheru shighed.

"Yeah..." Yuki-chan mumbled in a tiny muffled voice.

"Hey" Minna-chan said. "we should invite Rin and Shippo! I bet they'd get a blast out of what we'll do to your dad."

Reicheru deviously looked at Minna and smiled. "definately! They love to come! Come on lets go!"

The three of them stood at the door of the blue-painted house with white trim. It was Rin's and Shippo's house. Reicheru pulled the rope that sounded the bell that rang through the house, warning the owners that someone was at the door.
Rin and Shippo came to the door, both of them were wearing pink bathrooms. Rin had her arm around Shippo's waist and she kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey Reicheru, Yuki and Minna-chan. What are you guys doing here?" Shippo smiled. "How's Uncle Inuyasha's baby?"

Reicheru looked distant like as if seeing something far off. "She's gone away now. It rather breaks my heart but that's not why we're here."

"Oh." Rin looked surprised. "Then what is going on?"

"I want to cordially invite you to my father's wedding." She sighed.

"Why would you do that? You hate your dad!"

"I'm going to RUIN his wedding. I want you guys to be there to see it."

"How does he feel about you haveing a child? I wish we could have children but we both prefer being women." She rubbed her belly and sighed.

"I really wish we could, honey."  Water filled Shippo's eyes and tears of sadness slowly rolled down her cheeks. Rin kissed her gently on her lips.

"So would you guys l-like to come to the wedding?" Minna blushed and asked.

"Hell yes!" Rin slammed her fist down into the table "I want to see you bring this jackess down, hard!"  Her eyes beamed bright and her hair moved with her action.

"Alright then!" Reicheru put her fist up in the air "Nya on! See you at the wedding!" The three girls waved goodbye to Rin and Shippo as they left the house and Rin and Shippo left them at the door.

Yuki, Reicheru and Minna were back in the car. They were busy discussing the wedding and what they were going to do ot get Reicheru's father back! They were really excited and ready for tomorrow.
They were driving down a beautiful road, there were trees on both sides and the petals were falling over the car and getting stuck on the winsheild. Through the trees they could see a figure. The figure got closer!

"H-Hey, what the fuck is that???"  Minna-chan screamed "jesus!!! it looks so disgusting!!! I can't bare to look! she looks dead!"

Reicheru studied it with her eyes. That dead girl was Kagome! Her flesh was rotting and her hair was messy with blood. it looks like she had been dead for a thousands years and had just recently came back to life for revenge."RUN IT THE FUCK OVER!" She took the weel and creamed Kagome!
Blood squished onto the road and one of Kagome's eyes poped out. "I think she's dead." But she wasn't. She put her boody hands all over the car and got up to the car window.

"Hey" Kagome whispered, "I heard you guys for looking for Sesshomaru. I know where he is. The asshole did so much shit to me. I'll tell you where he is. Hes in cave Kurokami." She looked at Reicheru. "Wait a minute. You're that bitch who had Inuyasha's baby! Why did you do that?!"

"What I do with the people i love is none of your business! You didn't take your chance to have him and now he came to me. What can I do? I've known him longer than you and I have loved him almost longer."

"Bitch i will kill you!" Kagome raised her hand towards Reicheru to scratch her! Suddenly her face was blown clean off! her loose skin sagged and feel off her face.

Everyone gasped! Alucard wiped around his cape and faced towards Reicheru. He was holding a gun pointed towards where Kagome's head was. "Head shot, bitch." His crimson eyes flashed like fire.

Reicheru didn't even shake. "Really? You're still around. No wonder you were such an annoying cousin." She brushed her turquoise bangs out of her face. "What do you want now?"

"I'm not even going to bother killing you. you are the biggest pain in the ass to kill. So what are you up to? Going to daddy's wedding?"

"I was going to ask you that. I'd love to see your reaction to his downfall from my revenge." Reicheru blew off her nails.

"Why the hell should I go? I bet you can't do it."

"I bet I can! If you come and watch could i do a favor for you?"

Alucard pulled off his gloves and sighed, "sure. Sounds really good. What are you offering."

Reicheru smiled deviously. "Weeeeell since you have SUCH a hard time getting about you date Minna-chan?" Rei giggled and shrugged her shoulders.

Minna waved her hands back and forth quickly! "Reicheru, no! I cant do that! I'm to scared! Your cousin...I..."

"It's a deal!" Alucard licked his lucious lips and shook Reicheru's hand signafing and confirming their deal. He smiled at Minna-chan. "We'll have a good time. It's a date before the wedding."