Blood Raining Night

  Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni

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Chapter 21 - Doom's Date

It was the day of the qedding. The day of ultimate tears and hate. Reicheru woke up with many bad feelings and regrest and a deep dark feeling in her heart where it used to be. She sighed and looked a tthe golden sun, the sun that was there from the beginning of time.
Thinking of everything she began to cry, but then she felt her arm brush against something. She opened her golden and blue trimmed dhrry covers and saw a little face beneth them. It was Elaine's! she threw back the covers even more and picked her up. "Nya!" she said squeezing her.

Elaine groggily opened her red eyes and speaked like a kitten. "oh Oka-san your so squishy!"

"honey I'm so glad you're here!" Reicheru rocked back and forth and held her. "I thought that maybe I'd never see you again. baby, I haven't known you for too long but your still my aka-chan. Aishiteru, Tenshikuzu."

"Aishihteru to you too Oka-san. Nyu! Is the wedding kyo?" he big red eyes bugged and shined.

"Hai kyo desu ne. It's a really sad time for me, but it could be the greatest."

"Gaahhp!" she squished her face with her kitty-fists and feel into Reicheru's chest and Reicheru laughed. She tilted her green head and looked up at her mommy. "It'll be okay Oka-san. Grampas bad. He won't get away with what he's doing."

"That's right dear. And neither whill Lucy." she kissed her on the forehead.

"I hear auntie Minna-san is going on a date with uncle Arukado!" her faced wiggled into a squint "nyuuuuuuuueeww! Are they going to kiss??"

"I sure hope not. but I guess he isn't that bad." reicheru was severly confused when Elaine got up and started down the hall. "What are you doing aka-chan?"

"imma gonna go tease auntie minna-san!!" she ran into the living room swaying back and forth like a green boat with legs. Minna was swearing a pale blue little dress. "Minna-san." she tugged at her blue dress, "are you going to make sweet love to uncle Alucard?"

Minna's eyes bugged "Wh-what the fuck just came out of you?? No! Where did you get such an ungodly idea like that?"

Yuki came out wearing a towel she took the towel off and snapped it at Minna's butt causing her to yelp, "mind your language around the child. She owns me and I am her protector." Tenshikuzu ran up to Yuki and hugged her leg. "I will progect you no matter what." Yuki smiled.

"Alright you two. I'm going now." Minna said as she walked out the door "me and Alu-san are going to Les Tacos."

Reicheru came out and waved "be home by 6:30, the wedding is at 7! Nya~on!"

"Nyuuu!" Elaine waved.

He drove up in a sexy black and sleek chevy. It was high off the ground and had big wheels. Alucard peeked his head out of the window and shmiled. "Hey Minna-kun. You ready for a good night and some hot ass burritos?"

"If-if your trying to make this better with human, it isn't working." Minna scoweled and sighed. "We better get this over with." she began to step up into the big car and he held her hand, pulling her into it.

"My, you look very lovely." he smiled with his vampire teeth hanging out. "I can almost eat you up." Minna looked worried. "I wont." They pulled up and Les Tacos and there was Korra at the door again greeting all the customers.

Korra waved, "Hey you two! Lookin cute." she winked "I have a special seat over her for you guys." She lead them to a booth with hearts strung over it, next to a radio where love songs were played in spanish and Japanese. "I'll come tight back for you guys, kay?"

Minna-chan blushed, "M-My this is lovely." They were sat down at the table. And they looked at the menus.

"What are you doing?" Alucard peeked over to see Minna's menu.

"I like to check the health values to see if what i'm eating is good for you." she blushe dand looked uneasily away.

"You live to safely you poor girl. I'll show you many adventures and take you many places. I bet with a big of adventure you'd turn into a smokein adventurous wife."

"Is that all your looking for in me? Don't you think you should calm down?" she sighed and continued to look.

"Hey cutie, I'm mostly playing with ya. I'm not like that." he blushed a little and moved back to his menu. "I think I'll try the everything wet burrito."

Minna looked at the heath values for the everything wet burrito, "jeez! This thing is really bad for you! A-are you sure you want to stick that in your mouth?? Fatty cheese, deepfried tulips- does that say fish shaped toxic waste!?! Hell! I-I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pool."

"With a 10 foot poll? If that 10 foot poll is my tounge! I think it looks so delicious! Come on Minna-kun. At least try it once." Alucard smiled and nudged her with his pointy elbow. "You know you want it. I can tell it in your purple jewel eyes."

"Alright lets make a deal. I dont' want to pay for a two big nasty burritos and what so, we'll get one ginormous one and we'll share it."

Alucard layed down his wallet, "chivilry may be dead, but I'm paying for this dinner. Still, I'd love to share one with you." his red eyes beamed and he licked his lips.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting!! What would you two like?" Korra came around in her cute maid's kimono and pen and paper.

Alucard cleared his throat, "one big, ginormous, hideously messy and wet everything burrito. Extra cheese and two pepsies."

"My what a big order! you two are going to explode and send wet everything burrito all over the customers."

"Better than bloody placenta." Minna laughed in thought of Reicheru.

"don't make me sick, dear. That's my cousin." Alucard rubbed his face and took off his gloves.

Korra laughed, "I'll be black!!"

Alucard took his gloves off and grabbed a tortilla chip filled with salsa. He reached his hand over and hovered the chip in front of Minna's mouth.

"W-what are you doing?" Minna bluushed. "is that for me?"

"Open." he opened his mouth and said, "Ahhhh. Like this see?" she could see his pointy tounge and she nearly barfed. But it was still really sweet.

Minna opened her mouth, "a-ahhhH!" he placed the chip into her mouth and she crunched on it. She did the same to him and laughed and he wrapped his tounge around the chip and took it into his mouth like a captive.

Korra came bakc with a big sopping wet everything burrito, "Here's your order you two! Awwww!!! That's so cute!!!" She lowered the burrito down to their table. "see yo guys in a bit! Enjoy your romantic burrito!"

They both waved! "Thanks!"

They smiled at each other, tearing off bits of the burrito and swallowing them down fast. It was the best they ever had! Burrito juices poured down their cheeks like waterfalls. Minna covered her face iwth her hand and laughed.

"Oh man!" she said. "This is freaking delicious! I never wouldn't tried it if it weren't for you. I had a pretty good time today." She took another mouthfull of burrito, "oh man I love Mexican food. I dont kno what they do to peanuts to make them so good but it's really great in here!"

Alucard spit out the burrito!!! His eyes bugged out and his face turned wild with red "WHAT?!!? PEANUTS!?!?"

"What's wrong!??!?!" Minna yelled and put her hands on him.

"NO NUTS CAN GO NEAR MY MOUTH ESPECIALLY PENUTS!" Alucard shot up like a jack in the box and vomited like the exorcist girl. "OH GOD!" he screamed and his face turned puffy and lumps appared on his cheeks!

"That's why I always read the health warnings!" Minna cried tears of worriedness. "You'll be okay!!"

"Oh god! I remember the first time I drank the blood of a boy who had a peanut butter and jelly sandwitch. Damn that was terrible." he started coughing up blood. "Shit!" He threw up some blood on a man's shoes.

"Becareful where you aim your face! That's damn gross!" the man slapped Alucard across the nose

"You-your next." he coughed and wiped his face of the blood. sweat and tears were streaming down his face.

"What the hells happening?!?!" Korra ran to them. "The hell! Alucard I'm calling you a hospital!"

The ambulance came and took Alucard away in a gurney. Before he left he wrapped his fingers around Minna-chan's fingers. She cried.

"Hey Minna-kun," he said in his dark vampire voice, "see you at the wedding."

Her voice trembled, "o-okay Alu-kun."



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Chapter 22 - Strange Music at the Wedding

Minna got back from the hospital, worried. she was still in her beautiful blue dress and she was ready for the wedding.
Lots of people were at the wedding including Korra, Shippo, Miku Hatsune, Rin, Inuyasha, Denmark, Yuki, Elaine, Aza (fyi: from the fanime based on a real person), Germany, Kikiyo, Kouta, and others. They all look disturbed and uneasy because of the evil immitenating from Goku (Reicheru's frather if you don't remember).
The theme of the wedding is night blue and blood red they actually look rather beautiful together but not as beautiful as the clouds in the sky above the whole wedding. Goku and Lucy looked lustily into their eyes and smiled, feeling the pain from everyone around them.
Reicheru was standing off in the corner, looking through the croud and her silky turquoise bangs at them. Her soft furry ears twitched with anger at the scene it made her sick to her stomach. The bell wrung and everyone sat down in their seats, waiting for the groom and bride to make their speech.

"Reicheru-kami, you're here!" Yuki exlaimed. she grabbed her and held her tears streaming down from her pale soggy face.

"Of course I am. Who would miss their own father's weedding." Reicheru smiled sarcastically, "I swear to Kami when this is over I'm going to rip him to shreads like wet toilet paper. Maybe I'll shit on him too."

Yuki giggled "I wish you the best of luck, Im sorry for you, lots." she shook her beautiful silk golden hair, it blew in the breeze like the most beautiful blonde and blood waterfall. Her blue angel eyes shed crystal tears, crystal tears that would be worth millions but worth nothing in the hands of evil.

"Everything will be put to right. This is our live. We weren't put on this earth to suffer for all eternity and never feel the steamy embrace of love or eat food or die, we were put here to make a difference and make the world better. If it werent for my father I wouldn't be the person I am helping everyone and making a difference throughout the world. Withtout that bastard father of mine, I wouldn't have learned who is wright and who is wrong where we go in life, who to love, what my calling was. I may be a demon a cat demon none the less, and a vampire, I may be the most HARTED person on this planet right now but if I odn't know what love is then Kami help me. Today will not be the day I let my will down, bend or break, today is the day I will survive and show everyone in the wold who I really am- my power. The power of love. The power of truth." Reicheru's eyes swelled with tears at her own words, "Even though everyone might think I'm doing this for the wrong reasons I'm not being selfish! I have a child to care about and nothing will stop me from protecting the one I love. THIS is how I love and THIS is the day I will take the power backf rom my dad and prove myself to the wrold."

"I've watched you grow up Reicheru and I am proud of you. Remember who you are and your calling. Don't let anything get in the way of your destiny." Yuki put her hand on Reicheru's shoulder and they knew they were the most connected friends ever.

"I have a trick up my sleeve." Reicheru glared and smiled at the same time like a kabuki mask.

Goku tinged his wedding glass. "Sit down good folk!" Goku smiled like a devily asshole he was. He twidled his fingers and fudged with Lucy's hair. She smiled at him, a toothy sick grin. Immediately everyone sat down in a hurry.
"I'm very happy you all came to my wedding" he said, "you don't know how much this means to me...reall, don't clap. I know you all can't contian your happiness." Everyone glared at him in disgust including Reicheru.
"Now I know that I'm not the most handsome man in the world but I landed the most beautiful and hot woman here." he laughed and smiled. "But don't worry, it's not just the sex. She's the most strong and aggressive woman I know."

"Your not going to get away with this father!" Reicheru stood up from her white seat and pointed at him. "You don't realize what your doing! DON"T BE SORRY!"

He shook his blonde hair and smirked, "silly silly bitch. It's a weeding it's not illegal. Nothing can help you. Ah play the music! My new wife should be comming down the isle any moment now!"

She emerged fromt he bushes in a long with dress with no straps and white sleeves. She had a veil covering the horns that grew from upon her head. A broad smile covered her face and the wedding music was played.
She came down the isle smiling and waving like the queen of England holding a bouquet of blood red roses. Blood came streaming frrom Reicheru's eyes like a waterfall of  the most sickest pain. Lucy and Goku stood at the Microphone.

"I love you Goku-kun and no one can look at it."  she glared at Reicheru. Smiling. She knew what she was doing. "We've been together for a few months now and I've been waiting for this day since I was a little girl. I wouldn't be happier...anyone else." she fake cried like a mean bitch. Shall we get married now?"

"Before the bells ring." reicheru stood up "I have my own speech that I would love to give to the bride and groom. The lovely bride and groom." Everyone clapped as Reicheru went up. They clapped unsurely not knowing what she was about to do. "Nya on..." Reicheru whispered as she passed by Minna and Yuki. Goku and Lucy were extreamly curious.
Reicheru cleared her throat. "I've known my father since I was about 6. Why did i dnot say since I was born? I never really knew my father. I didn't know that he would be so heartless and sick to abandom and beat his own daughter because of what she was born with. But enough about me and my dad...we have dear Lucy here, too."
Lucy's eyes widened. "Well" Reicheru continued, "I never fully understood why you were such a bitch in class to me and my friends and now your marrying my dad. Good for you. You only 17 and you're off fucking this ugly asshole whos most likey using you." Reicheru clapped sarcastically. "Really awesome Lucy. but I have a present for you."

"A...present?" Lucy felt a cold sweat down her neck.

Reicheru slowly pulled out a box. A beautiful box. She opened it and the most beautiful tune came from the music box. It was Lilium.

Lucy's eyes bugged oout and she fell to the ground, helpless. She gasped and wept, the tune was so beautiful and sad and it told her whole life story without saying a word. Before she knew it, she was innocent Mew.

"Lucy, baby! What about our wedding??? What about destroying Reicheru???" Goku grabbed and shook her. "Lucy!!!!"

Lucy looked at him with her big crimson eyes. "Mew?" She squeaked. "Mew!...Mew!!!" She scratched him and left a scar accross his face. She looked disgusted and afraid of what she was wearing. She threw the bouquet down in his face and stomped away off the stage.

The whole crowd stood up and cheered! They knew that he wouldn't be able to do it. Yuki and Minna beamed in happiness like children in the park. Mew came running to Reicheru and hugged her. She finally broke the spell. Mew had been trapped in the cold husk of Lucy, trying to get out. Lucy was taking over and finally she was free.
"I'm glad to see you back to normal." Reicheru smiled "we can be friends again. Its been too long."

"Mew!" Mew agreed.

"Oh, Reicheru." Goku sang out, "your missing something."

Reicheru looked up and he was holding her daughter hostage! "You...YOU! I'm going to fucking kill you if you hurt her." Reicheru screamed!

"Mama! Get me out of here!" Elaine wailed as she was flown away into the dark sky. Reicheru's father laughing the whole time.

"Kami no!" Blood poured from Reicheru's eyes furiously and she tried to wipe it away but couldn't. "What...WHAT??"



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Chapter 23 - Ritual Under the Rain

Reicheru watched as her duaghers green hair disappeared into the blue ocean vast sky. The world seemed to stop for a minute and the angles began to cry. Reicheru looked towards the floor like as if something were on it that she's focusing intensely on.
Tears of blood and pain began to flow out of her cuticle, causing her eyes to turn red like she had a severe case of pink eye. Elaine was the only daughter she ever had and one of the only people she could trust the most.
She was still her babby girl even though she rapidly aged within the second she was born. Now. She was gone.

Reicheru still facing the floor cried and squeeked,'It's all my fault. I got too cocky with revenge and forgot about what I needed to protect mostley. she may be god but she still nedds her mother and she's only a little girl." She wiped the blood away from her eyes and it smeared all over her face like paint that had been washed off but still left a hint of red.
"I promised. Elaine, I will get you back and i will be the BEST mother there is too offer whether you can do things yourself or whether you can't. But first I need to get you black. Yuki, you can sense god because your an angel, please tell me where Elaine is."

"Alright Rei-chan." Yuki focused her thoughts on her powers and tried to sense where Elaine could be but she got nothing! "Reicheru, the spiritual powers won't let me search for Elaine. They dont' want to help you."

Reicheru screamed and stammed her foot! "Why not?!?!" blood squirted out of her eyes furiously!

"They don't believe that your a fit mother. THey want you to do something for them before they let my brain power through to connect to Elaines mind. The air is hot and thick with spirits. They are like a sharp bush. Too sharp for my mind to get through."

Reicherus lips parted and she let the hair slowly move between them and escape into the atmosphere, "What do I need to do? I am willing to do anything!"

Yuki's eyes widened: "You are not going to like it but I won't tell you because if you know you'd be discouraged." Reicheru smiled and nodded. "Yu see" Yuki continued, "There are spirits and there is god. Cod controls one thing while the spirits around her control other things. Elaine is the goddess of light and truth, as of I am the angel of light and truth and that's why we ended up knowing each other in this life. The spirits will want you to atone for your sins in order to get Elaine back. It may not pretty."
"Rei-sama, we will need to take you to the temple of spirits and you will have to appease them. Are you pregared to do this?"


"Mew!" Mew squeeked and grabbed onto Reicheru. "I want to come too!! I feel connected to Elaine and I want to get her back if possible!" she looked up at Reicheru with her big, red eyes that had a hint of purpley pink in them.

"And I'll come too." Korra stepped up to them. "As I am an angel and you are the mother of god, it is my duty to protect you."

Yuki smiled, "it will be the four of us then, to travel to the temple of the spirits. Reicheru. Prepare yourself."

They arrived at the temple which layed deep within the heart of the forest hidden away by the tall threes. The air was thick and heavy with a subtle sense of overwhelming sickness and death. Reicheru's nose twitched at they approached teh place.
SNIFF SNIFF. "I can smell blood." Reicheru said uneasily the closer they got. "I can feel and smeel the pain that perminates from this ruin of rock. What do they do here?"

Yuki sighed and looked at Reicheru, "I can't tell you or else youll run away. Your so close Reicheru don't spoil your chances." Reicheru nodded in knowlage.
The outside of the building has carvings of fabulous birds with wings and sharp beaks. The birds resemble the angles though they weren't white like angles, they were tan because they were rock. Green vines wove in and around them and the building was quiet.
As they stepped inside they could feel the spirits talking about them muttering unspeakable words like when the mean girls at school whisper behind your back like as if you can't hear them or know they're talking about you.
Their steps echoed and rang throughout the room like tiny bells.

Suddenly, many voices whispered loudly to them. They all spoke at once saying "We know why your here. We know what you seek. Now will you stay strong, or will you be meek?"

 "I'm going to stay strong" said Reicheru boldly. She took a deep breath in and the smell of blood was strong as it was comming from the end of a hall. "I will do anything to see my duaghter back in my arms. Please tell me where she is??"

"Why should we? You make quite an unfit mother. You can committed many crimes and you have made acts of selfishness. You have killed your own mother and you have killed many people and you have cheated on your love. Who are you to be raising god?"

Reicheru bowed her head, "I am sorry for everything that i've done but I am only 17!" Yuki and the others nodded in agreement.
"Sorry? Are you truely sorry? I'm afraid the spirts call for punishment and rebirth. They only way your sins can be washed away is if their washed away with your blood and pain. The punishments are different for each element. God's element is light and truth. Youw ill have to atone for both light and truth, for you have spoken many lies and have darkness in your soul being a demon. Continue down the hallway and find your punishment."

Reicheru put on a strong face. "Yes. So I shall." The air was thick with the smell of blood, it was so overwhelming that it almost made even Reicheru nausious. The four of them traveled down the rest of the hall and into another room. There were torture devices hanging on the walls and gallons of blood splattered across the room!
On the shelves where the lables "darkness" "earth" "water" "power" "trust" ect. They were the elements. The device that layed on top of the "trust" section of the shelves looked like a ice pick. On the handle it said "ear". Lucy, Korra, Reicheru, and Yuki shivered as they walked past them. Reicheru was dieing on the inside, waiting to see what would lie upon the "truth" and "light" shelves.

Finally, near the end of the room they came across the "truth" shelf. A white blood stained cloth lay upon a object of some sort. Reicheru sweated and looked at Yuki. Yuki nodded. Reicheru reached out her hand and pulled the cloth away from the object.
It was a mask. But unlike an actual mask it didn't have anywhere you could see out of, the eye holes were covered up. Reicheru picked up the mask and looked at it. Slowly. She turned the mask around to look at the inside. Her eyes buldged out and she began to cry. There were two large nails where the eyes go!

"I can't do it!!" screamed Reicheru and threw it on the floor and it make a loud clank. She collapsed to the ground. Mew picked up the mask and looked at the inside, there was a label that said "blinding mask".

Yuki grabbed Reicheru by the arms and knelt down to her and spoke softly, "you know what you has to do and I know you'll do it." Mew handed the mask to Reicheru and she grabbed it with dispelasure.

"Should...I close my eyes..." Reicheru speculated. "Yuki...should I..." before she knew it she was pushing the mask into her face! The bloody nails peirced her open eyeballs and sank into her skull. "AAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the most demonic and painful scream came from Reicheru which roared throughout the temple. Lucy and Korra covered their ears as Yuki wrapped her arm aroound Reicheru's shoulder.

"Just one more punishment to go and you'll pay for your sins Reicheru. I'm sorry. It has to be done."

"IT HURTS. IT HURTS!!!" blood ran down her cheaks and onto her breasts and heart. "NO! I CAN"T- I CAN"T!!!"

"Come on Reicheru." Yuki and Korra took her by the arms and legs and dragged her to the next punishment.

"Whats going to happen to me?!?!? Please tell me! WHAT"S NEXT??" Reicheru cried and kicked with the mask still loged in her head.

"I can't tell you Reicheru. I can only help you! Be patient. Just survive through the next punishment, I can stop the bleeding." Yuki smoothed out Reicheru's hair. Reicheru foamed at the mouth and slaliva ran down the corners of her mouth and choked her. She was increadibly scared, just waiting in the darkness to feel what would happen to her. There was no way out of it. It would happen.
The forced her to stand up against the wall and they took her arms, tieing them to the next device. They tied her legs to the wall.

"Don't do anything more to my face. Please." Reicheru sniffled. Yuki caressed her face with her hand.

"No." Yuki said. "Not your face. Don't assist in this Mew. Only the angels can do this. We don't want to spoil your soul. We don't thiink you should even watch this." Mew nodded and covered her eyes.
"Reicheru...this one's for light!" Yuki said as she pulled on a lever and Reicheru immidately felt her arms be pulled upwords.

"Agh!" she choked out. "What...WHAT are you going to do to me?!" she cried!

"To more pulls Reicheru!" Yuki paused for a moment and breath. She pulled the lever a second time. Reicherus arms streatched far over her head and she could feel the skin tearing all around the joint.

"Oh my kami! STOP THIS!! STOP THIS NOW! DO IT, DO IT ALREADY YUKI!!!" her pleas came out broken and scratchy. The muscle in her arms was slowly ripping in half! "OH GOD! IT"S LIKE YOGA GONE TERRIBLY WRONG! DO IT!!"
Yuki finally pulled the trigger a third time and Reicheru arms ripped completly off, leaving nothing but her shoulders. Blood formed in a puddle at her feet and she collapsed once again, nearly fainting in pain. She could feel all of her lifes liquid drain from her body.

"Come here Reicheru! Reicheru...I'll stop the bleeding..." Yuki's faded voice sounded in her ears. They all helped Reicheru to her feet and walked her out of the temple.

"How do your eyes feel Rei-chan?" Korra asked her.

"Reicheru's face was covered in dry blood and spit. "Not as bad as they did. I'm used to crying blood."



Merry christmas!
Joyeux Noel!
Maligayang Pasko!
God Jul!
!Feliz Navidad!
Meri kurisumasu!
Krisamasa k? ?ubhak?man?'?m?!
?ubha ba?adina!
Shengdan kuaile!
Nollaig Shona!
Vesele Vanoce!
meli keuliseumaseu!

Chapter 24 - A Rainy Christmas, Some Rainy Tears

RING the first bell sounded throught the hells of Akuma no Uta Highschool telling the students to go into their classrooms as the snow fell down upon the grounds and knocking off the remaining leaves from autumn. Even though it was christmas they still had school because they needed to.
Peach trees bent forwards like little old men with hunchbacks and arthritus, the fruit rotted and the ground was frozen. The trees were dead. A dead peach fell off one of the branches and rolled across the doorway of Sensei Hanayubi's math class.
Inside the class there were our five heros and friends! Reicheru, Yuki-Chan, Minna-chan, Aza-chan, and Nyu/Mew-Chan (I'll be calling her Nyu for this because Elaine isn't really in this chapter) they were sitting together listening in on what Sensei had to say.
You could smell it was christmas because some of the children ha dbrought cookies and other treats spiced with holiday spices! Reicheru and her friends were busy nibbling on some cookies that Nyu and Kouta made.
Minna stepped up to the front of the class with a cookie. "oh hayo gosaimasu Sensei Hanayubi."

Sensei Hanyubi looked up from his math sheets and smiled, "Ohayo my dear. Merry Christmas." he proped his arms up on his desk and leaned on his folded hands.

"Meri kurisumasu Sensei." she looked at her green and red frosted cookie and held it up to him, "I thought that the best teacher in the world deserves a sweet treat on christmas."

"Oh..." he took it greatfully, "that thank you. The hollidays always seem empty to me but this is really nice! The best gift Ive gotten today. Thank you Minna-chan."

"Do itashimashite!" she bowed and smiled, going her merry way back on her desk.

"Hey Minna-chan," Reicheru said once she heard her got there (because she doesn't have eyes), "we have an idea of what we're doing for Christmas!"

"Yes," Yuki said, "well be doing secret santa!! We each randomly pick a name out of a santa hat of names and then buy a gift for that person!" she clasped her hands together and her blue crystal eyes twinkled like satrs. "I LOVE Chrsitmas!"

"Alright then!" Aza boobed. Aza is another one of Reicheru's friends who is very tall with crimson hair (with a hint a purple tone), "lets get started gimme that santa hat!" she took the hat and fished her hands into it, "mmm hmmm hmmm" she smiled at them and then pulled out a name, "oooo" she said. "It's your turn Nyu-chan, you pick."

"Nyuuu?" Nyu looked at her and tiled her head! "Nyo! You'll look!"

"I wont!" Said Aza, "you should pick now." and she turned away.

"NYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!" Nyu screamed and thrusted her hand into the santa hat!!! "hhmmmm!" She smiled and put the folded paper into her skirt pocket. "I know what I'll be getting YOU?"

"Wait who?" Reicheru said.

"I'm not telling anybody! Nyu! It could be you you, you or you!" She held the hat to the next person and they kept doing that until everyone had picked a person to give a gift to.

"I need help." Reicheru said, "I cant get the paper or read it. Can someone tell me who it is?"

"I can." Sensei Hanayubi was right behind Reicheru and he pulled a name out of the hat and read it to her, "hmmm your person is 'Denmark'." he whispered.

"What?!? but....they aren' our..."

"What can I say? That's what it says. Merry Christmas!" he put the santa hat on Reicheru's head.

'Hmmm how can I get a gift for him?' She thought. 'I cant even see what his gift will look like!'

"Rats..." Reicheru sighed.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked, her voice delecate and whispery.

"I'm blind and have no will I pick a gift out?"

"It's okay Reicheru. Use your heart!" Minna said.

"You're right. Nya!" and that's what she did.

RING RING. The bell made it's lound sound again. It was time to go home.

"Lets meet at my house after school!" Aza announced. "well give presents then!" Everyone agreed and they all left.

Later on Reicheru was out shopping with the help of Rin and Shippo (they held onto her shoulder nubs to stop her from falling). It was really cold and Reicheru was wrapped up in a red and green scarf (it was around her neck).
Since Rin and Shippo are dating they wore opposite colors! Rin wore a red outfit and Shippo wore a green outfit for the holiday. They walked along the streets with Reicheru, looking through the shop windows.

"What do you think Denmark-sama will like?" Shippo asked.

"Oh...uhum...something sportsy or warm." Reicheru thought. "Oh! How about a trench coat!"

"That sounds moe!" Rin chirped like a happy little bird and they went into a coat shop. As they looked around the clothes Reicheru rubbed her head up against them to see which ones felt the warmest. She sniffed them, too.

"This one feels good..." Reicheru smilled as she burried her node into a thick brown fur coat like a dog smelling something good on the carpet. "mmmm....Nyaaa...Yeah...Definately this one. It's perfect!" she squealed with joy.
Rin got the coat and checked it out at the register.

"Is this all you want?" Asked Miku Hatsune. she folded it up and got it prepared in a box, "that will be twelve fifty."

"Whoa that's cheap!" Rin exlaimed.

Miku's teal crystal eyes buldged, " thousand and five hundered dollars." she nodded and her maid's headress bobbed.

Rin blushed " you have that ammount?"

"Well...yeah...I got it for this month's work at the Yakuza. We've been slow lately." she thought about it..."Anything worth a smile on his face! Ring it!"

"Moe!" Miku grinned and rung it up.

Rin and Shippo were walking Reicheru outshite, going home to Aza's house for a Christmas party and opening presents. They fitted Denmark's jacket around Reicheru's shoulders to keep her warms and cozy.
As Reicheru blindly made her way, she felt her foot gently bump something. "Ah!" Reicheru said startled, "What's that?"

"Oh be careful!" Shippo said moving her, "that's a little kid."

The little kid was very dirty - so dirty he was almost black- and skinny. He looked up at her with faded brown eyes. "I-I'm sorry m-mam I gots-s no shoes and I was in y-your way."

"That's okay." Reicheru said looking down in his direction. "What are you doing out in the cold anyway? It's feezing balls out here."

The little boy hesitated and looked away then he looked back, "w-well, I have no home m-mam."

"Not even on Christmas?" Reicheru's voice saddened. "It's awfully cold out."

"Yes it is mam...sorry again." he voice dimmed.

"Well hey...wait a minute..." Reicheru turned to her shoulder and bit the coat, dragging it off her body and towards the little boy. She leaned over and hung the coat over his head.

"I-i-is this for m-me?" he asked and Reicheru nodded. He took the coat and put it on, "it's like a house on me! it's huge!" he hugged himself in the coat. "Arigato!"

"Meri kurisumasu!" the three of them said and they left.

Finally they were at Aza's house! Festive lights were hanging off of the walls and merry christmas carols were playing in the background. People were smiling and drinking punch within the gingerbread scented rom.
Aza ran up and hugged Reicheru, squeezing her really tight, "HEY REI-CHAN! Man, it's easy to crush you without your arms in the way. Meri kurisumasu! Aishiteru!"

Reicheru laughed and grinned, "aishiteru!"

"Ne Reicheru." it was Denmark's voice.

"Oh hi! How are you doing?" Reicheru said as he hugged her in a warm embrace of love and trust.

"Alright. You?"

Reicheru shrugged her nubs "can't complain much..."

Yuki took glass of wine and clanked a fork to it to get everyone's attention, "it's time to open gifts!" Everyone screamed in excitement and ran to the tree!

Yuki opened up her gift first. "Oh! It's from Aza!" she said and smiled. She pulled it out of the box, "it's a Kingdom Hearts t-shit!" She giggled and held it to her boobs. "Thank you!!"

Aza clapped, "your welcome! My turn!!!" she took the gift, "Wow this one's from Minna-chan and it's pretty small!" she opened it up. "OHMYGOD!!! EARRINGS!! Thank you!"

Yuki took a box from under the tree and held it up to Reicheru. "Use your teeth to open it. It's from me!"

Reicheru tore appart the package. "What is it?" Yuki stuck it in her mouth and she felt it with her tounge. Then, Yuki took it out again. "it's a crystal figureine of Rhianna! Thank you!"

"No problem!" Yuki replied and smiled.

"Reicheru, that must mean you've gotten me a gift!" Minna squeaked.

"What? No...I got Denmark for whatever reason." Reicheru frowned.

"Oh well...that's okay..." Minna said disheartingly with sadness.

"Me?" Denmark said. "Well well well."

Reicheru blushed and sighed, "I'm sorry. I gave your coat to a homeless kid. I didn't have anything warm on me and my scarf isn't much."

Denmark leaned in an kissed Reicheru on her sad red lips. "You're all I need for Kurisumasu." He held out a box and opened it. "I know you can't see it, but it's yoru gift. It's a diamond ring. WILL YOU MARRY ME REICHERU?"

"Nya!" Reicheru gasped and turned red, "what?? Denmark...I...Yes!" she jumped into his arms and everyone cried in happiness.

They all cheered and hugged each other, wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. After they had the party, they all went home.

Minna was walking alone, on her way home. When suddenly a figure stood behind her. He was coughing into his jacket and stepped up to her to greet her.

"Hey Minna-chan." he said. "Why do you look so down?"

"Secret santa got mixed up and I didn't get a gift. That's okay though I was with my friends for kurisumasu." She kicked the snow and wealky smiled.

" gave me a gift earlier. So I thought I should give you one." He held out a little kitten with a blue bow wrapped around her neck. "I found her a while ago and took care of her. And as much as I love having her around, I think she'd be happier with you so...Merry Christmas."

She took the kitten into her arms and her face grew bright. "Thank you, Sensei. Meri Kurisumasu. Everyone."



HAPPY 25th CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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theres more sounds in here because reicheru is blind so Im simulating what she's hearing at times.
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Chapter 25 - A Secret in the Rain

it was just a few months after Christmas. Reicheru still hadn't mobed back in with Denny-kun because she had no arms and eyes. (he didn't want to take care of a blind armless woman so their weeding is waiting)
Reicheru lie in her bed ashamed and sad. The sound of Denny's voice rand through her head "merrry me" it said. She couldnt' stop thinking about it. it was more beautiful than a baby bird, just hatched still tender and innocent.
A KNOCKING WAS AT THE DOOR...but, it was very late at night and peple comming didn't make any sense. she thought long and hard about it. Using her slight brain powers she lifted herself up from the bed and stood up.
Like a blind woman, she stumbled to the door going "Hold on who is it!" and a soft voice answered...

"I'm here to take care of you miss Ketsuekineko-Oni-sama..." it was a boys voice! he sounded so sweet, sweeter than the suger on a glazed doonut/
Reicheru's heart percked up - she heard that voice but where?

Her big fat breasts flooped as she ran into the door and said, "Well I guess I'll let you in. Who sent you?" her cute little nose wiggled.

Her furry ears picked up his voice and he yet again queitly said because he's the shy sort: "I', last name wa Nekono-Umekigoe. You can call me Ami. i heard that you are Critically Crippled and in need of a servant. Or a hosueboy that can lend a hand."

Reicheru was confused for she had not sent out oa notice about needing a little boy to help her with her no-hands "sure. That sound good!" she unlocked the doa with her teeth and let the bloke in.
He was shaking and coughing, she could hear the secret rain pouring outside. The sounds of his feet wiping crap onto the welcome bat filled her trembling neko ears.

"may I get you some tea milady?" he smiled and cocked his head to the right.

"Yes Dozo" Reicheru thought but then her senses came to her, "wait, are you getting paid for any of this?"

"N-no!" the boy shook his arms like a todler shaking spaghetti on a fork, "this is all my own good will! I'm trying to get good karma."

"Oh is that all?"

"yes mam!" He took a pot of water and steemed it. "Sit down miss Ketsuekineko-Oni-Sama. I'll get you some sweet chamomille tea or maybe some green tea? Earl gary?"
Amirru said this as he took Reicheru byy the nubs and guided her to the couch and sat her down.

"Oh, Ami I think it'd love some Earl gray!" she smiled and sunk into the cousions that huged her body like seran wrap around curvy meatloaf.

As he was preparing Reicheru's Early gray tea, he asked her questions about her life because he was interested, like, "so what is life like for you? Whats happening?"

"I'm soon to be married to my boyfriend Denmark, but he doesn't want to marry me right now because I don't have any arms or eyes."

"He sounds gnarly! Why wouldn't he want to marry you because of that! you need a man to help you even walk." He delicatly tipped the teabag into the tea.

"Well it's nut just like that. He's been through a lot. I cheated on him with my old friend Inuyasha and had his child who turned out to be god then my dad who's trying to kill me stole my little girl and to try to get her back me and my angel half sister (Yuki Shinkuchi) went to the Temple of the Spirits to make ammends which meant pulling my arms off and gauging my eyes out to save my daughter and that didn't really work, so the other day he asked me to marry him and that's why he's stressed."

"Oh, well that is a lot." Amirru nodded and sighed. He smoothly took the tea over to Reicheru and put the cup up to her mouth. "Open your mouth and prepare to suck some hot liquids down."

They continued like that and chatted about her life. Then Reicheru asked, "Whats your life like Ami?" She could hear him smile and slightly laugh.

"Oh..." he said, "I've never known my mother or father. Well i knew who my mother was but I never got to really talk to her. Im sorry about your dad. He sounds like a real wanker."

"You are what you eat!" They both laughed. "he eats dick. What have you been doing with your life?"

"I was thinking of being a scholar and learning how to be very smart but then I just ended up as a butler. Ummm Im rather poor. Please just let me live with you in your nice house and I'll do anytihng you ask of me. ANYTHING."

"Of course! I wasn't saying no lol. Now please just take me to bed and that will be all for tonight."

"Alright!" and so he did. He helped her up the stairs and tucked her into her bed. "Oyasuminasai miss Oni-sama." he turned off the light.

"Nyan!" she purred herself to sleep.

It was early in the morning and the lights of the sun seeped in through the windows and shun upon Reicheru's sleeping petite face. The phone rang. It was loud and obonxious. She used her feet to pick up the phone and sat it by her head.
"Ugh hello?" she said, "who is it?"

"Oh its just my my darling." It was Denmark. His words spoke like sugar but his tone wasn't very happy. "Sleeping well without your arms?"

Reicheru laughed it off like a joke, "oh yea! When do I need them when I have a pillow? Heh." He nubs wiggled.

"What have you been doing today? Huh? What have you been up to?"

Reicheru was very confused like a chinese man in a place like england, "N....nothing? I haven't even woken up until now. Hey when will we get married?"

"When you get arms." and he hung up the foam.

"Nya! What the hell???" Reicheru cried bloody tears of pain and sorrow from her non existant eies. Suddenly the room to her door opened and someone came in.

"I just got back from shopping for you Miss Ketsuekineko-Oni. Here we've got parsely...onion...tomatoes...potatoes! Hey I can make us spaghetti tonight eh?" He took out a leek and smiled.

"I....I want to have arms again!!" Reicheru cried and flaied her nubs. "My boyfriend seems to really take that to heart like having no arms ruins his image of the perfect women for a perfect wedding. Maybe it's because I won't be so good in bed anymore..."

"Oh!" Amirru ran over to her and hugged her, "you still have your mouth don't you? even though its filled with cat teeth." he laughed but realized his joke was a little uneeded, "I'm sorry im trying to maek you feel better. Miss Oni I know just the girl I can housecall that can give you arms. Im a friend of her friend. She's done wonders for his arm."

"Oh~! Really?? You mean it???" she said groping his shirt.

"Hai. She's a little rough but I can make a house call and my friend will gladly pay her way over to Hapan. She'll make you a metal arm but I can ask her to put skin like material over it so it looks real besides the stitching at your joints. It'll move with your brain!"

"Can she get hear today?" Reicheru was smiling and a beautiful sparking tear of happiness rolled down her cheek. "Can she fix my eyes too???"

"Heh, one thing at a time. It would take a miracle. Now I'm going to make a call. She may arrive today but she could tommorrow so be patient!"

"Oh anything! Thank you so much Amirru! I'm glad you're my new bulter. this is the help i need."

Amirru went to the phone and dialed the number. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK...RING...RING...RING.
"Yes hello I believe I know your friend. Yes. Yes. Ah huh. I was wondering if you could provide your service for my friend? Please make her two automail arms and include some highly durable skin like material to go over it?"
Reicheru could hear a woman spekaign on the phone and even though she couldn't see it, Amirru was smiling at her because he was getting the responses he needed.
"Sugoi! That's fantastic!...Amirru Nekono-Umekigoe...What did you say your name was mam? Winry Rockbell? We'll see you."



Chapter 26 - Oh the pain of Automail!


It was almost two past four. The sun swayed in the distance and began to make its journey down fromt he sky, it was setting in golden haze. Shadows from the trees went to the right and across the sidewalks while the breeze creid int he autumn hair.
Amirru was at the stove busy cooking some spaghetti in a big boiling pot while Reicheru waited at the window like a kid waiting for his icecream cone to be served.

"Are you sure you dont want to play any games Oni-sama? Time will not fly by that way the time fly by." he said smiling.

"No" reicheru sighed, "what games can i play anyway? you DON'T expect me to play I spy do you?" She shood her head and plunked it against the window, distressed and sad with pain and anger.

Amirru came to her with a silver platter that had the spaghetti neatly served on it. He sat down next to her and held up a fork with a twirl full of noodles and sauce and meat on it. "OKay Reicheru just open your mouth and trust me i won't stab your gums with a four heheeh. say ahh!"

Reicheru obediently opened her mouth and said "Ahhhh..." SUDDENLY THE FORK WAS JAMMED IN HER MOUTH! "agghhh, what are you doing???" she muffled through inches of spaghetti.

"Im feeding you what do you think???" He asked and he kept piling more and more spaghetti into her mouth. "Does it taste good Reicheru-sama?"
She gargled a "mmhm".
As he conintueouly shoved more and  more spaghetti into her mouth the door bell rang. RING.

"Oh blimey, who could that be?" he gently put the fork and plate down on the table while Reicheru still struggled with chewing spaghetti in her mouth. He gaasped when he looked through the window! "Oh it's the automail girl!" he chirped like a little bird.
Quickly he rushed the door open unlocking all the locks that kept them from going to the outside world. "Good morning my lady." he said taing Winry's arm. She wore a red banana over her head and a black tube top with a purple sweatshit wrapped around her body hips.

"Well hey, what's up." she said taking his hand and shaking like a hearty man. "Who is the girl in question of needing an automail? Ohhhh....I see..." she said looking at Reicheru's nubs. "Yeah you could definately use that."
"I didnt JUST bring the materials needed for making an automail arm that looks authentic. I heard about her eyes and I decided to get some glass ones for her. Just so she looks normal ya know?"

"Uh kay thanks! Nya!!!" Reicheru screamed! Winry sat down in front of her taking out a wrench and preparing ot work on reicheru.

"Alright Rei-chan prepare yourself cuz typically when putting on automail people have a lot of pain? Kay?"

"I can handle anything." Reicheru assured."Ow!" she said as the first insition of metal was made.

"Well now see it isn't to weasy now is it?" Winry worked the wrench around getting the metal onto Reicherus left arm.

"WIRY! HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE IN HERE!" Edward Elric burst in through the door, "man I nearly died of heat in the car."

"God damnit!" Winry screamed as she made a wrong move. Reicherus hair was all tangled up in her new metal arm like the spaghetti around that devil fork. "Look at what you done did shortie!" she threw the wrench at him.

"What happened??!?!" Reicheru cried!! *jiggle*

"Oh bugger..." Amirru turned pale.

"Nothing much you just got your hair stuck in the automail. Well ive prepared for this." she Marched off into her bag and search for something. Winry took out a pair of long scissors and made a SNIP SNIP noise with them.

"Your not cutting it off are you??" Reicheru said cautiously...

"Its just a little bit of hair it will EVENTUALLY grow back right? Once i get your hair off of your head then i can work on pulling the remains out of your arm kay?"

"Be strong Reicheru." Amirrru assured.

"Sorry Reicheru..." Edward replied in a low dark voice.

"Oh oh..." wrinry took Reicheru's hair, "your bangs are stuck in here a little too. Their gonna be a bit shorter after this. Sorry." She took the scissors and started cutting away.

"IT's fine." Reicheru pretending. It wasn't really all that fine reicheru hated the htought of losing her hair and if she had eyes she would be crying a little.

SHQUICK SHQUICK...the scissors made their terrible noise as the cut into many strands. SHQUICK....
"We're almost done." Winry said as she got around to cutting the back "Now I know I ain't no hair sylist but your going to look fine afterwards and short hair does you justtace anyway so don't worry your pretty little head."

"Yeah I'm sure it will." Edward smiled.

Amirru cleaned up the bits of Reicherus hair that was all over the floor. He flushed them down the toilet.

"now we need to put the skin on Reicheru's arm. it's not real skin its what they use to make Dildos." Winry added.


"Nothing" She smiled. "Since there will be joined and the skiin will cause them to stiffen there willl be NO skin around the joins. Sorry. But at least you cant see it." Winry wrapped and cut the skin around the arms. "The skin will be stressed around the join and look funn- sorry 'bout that too."

"Its all fine for the sake of being able to use my arms again..." reicheru flinched as she was still Tender from the automail being put on her nerves.

"Alright!" Winry said excitedly and beamed at her own work. "Wow this is the first time ive ever done this and it doesn't look half-bad. They skin's rather durable so if you still want to fight you can but i suggest using protection. Try to move your new arm Reicheru."

Reicheru opened and closed her hand, while looking at it because she was used to looking at things even though she couldn't see. "Well this is working really nicely."

"Oh and for the final touch..." Winry forced Reicherus empty eyes sockets open and insterted two glass eyes. They were both orange and even looked like cat eyes. "I had them custom made because I knew your eyes were special."

"I have special eyes."

"Yup!" she ruffled Reicherus hair.

Amirru sat down beside Reicheru and started cumbing her hair, "alright Oni-Sama just sit tight for a little while. I'm going to clean you up and you'll be ready for anything. Even though you have your arms back Im going to stay because you still need help seeing okay?"

"Sure thing, I'm glad to have you here."

"Kay Edward we're going. Dont you EVER burst in on me with a customer every again okay?" Winry took Edward by the poneytail and dragged him out the door. "By Amirru, bye Reicheru! thanks for contacting me." She waved.

"Bye! and thank you!" they both said.

Later that evening Amirru left suspiciously early.

"What are you doing?" Reicheru said groggily half asleep.

"Oh I need to go somewhere..." He paused. "I promise I'll be back before you wake."

"Amirru..." reicheru cooed. "I may be going soon. I need to find my daughter. If I'm not black when you come back I'm sorry."

"That's perfectly understandable." He nodded. "Good luck where you go to get her?"

"I need to contact my friend Yuki to see if she can feel Elaine yet." Reicheru said that and then Amirru left.

Reicheru used her new fingers to ring up the phone dialing Yuki's number.
RING RING RING RI- "Oh hey girlfriend!" Yuki's voice picked up. "I could sense that your automail is on."

"That's right its working great!" Reicheru smiled. "I was wondering..."

"-If I could feel Tenshikuzu? Yes I can! I know where she is Reicheru! We'll need to meet tomorrow. Your dad has her held captive on a remote island. I can fly you there."

"Good. Pick me up tonight if you can. I have a beating I want to set on that guy but if only Elaine's there we'll need to take her."

"Sure thing. I love you Rei-chan."

"I love you too Yuki-chan! Bye!" and Reicheru hung up. Reicheru continued to open and close her hand, feeling how odd it was to have macinery on her. She felt up the metal bits on her arm and sighed.
"Oh well it isn't so bad," she said.

That evening Yuki came flying in her window. Her beautiful white wings flapped int he breeze like two sails in the sky. She landed on the window sill and smiled. "I've come for you Reicheru-chan."

"So have I!" A voice came from Yuki's back. "It's me Minna-chan! Hehe!"

"Oh!" Reicheru said rushing to her window in her nighty gown, "how are you guys?"

"Good." they replied and reicheru hopped into Yuki's arms. "Where exactly is the Island?"

"Its hardly far from here!" Yuki exlaimed. They flew over the town and Minna and Yuki spied on people in their houses and laughed on a guy sitting at his toilet reading Ecchi Ecchi Paradise. The cool air was nice and the stars twinkled beautifully.
Soon a island came into view and gradually got closer to them! "We're nearly here." Yuki smiled.

"I cant wait to see my aka-chan!" Reicheru cried.

They glided onto the sands of the beach on the little island. Reicheru's ears perked up and she began to hiss. "Something isn't right here..." she said mysteriously like a detective whos found a clue.



watch out 4 chapter 27~~!!!